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The continuous sports season continues this year for NDSU fans and for the people that cover Bison athletics; as spring football begins on Saturday with plenty of question marks and some terrific storylines worth following that we’ll chronicle over the next month. Wednesday NDSU released its game times for the home portion of its 2014 schedule, which has no night games; 11 of the last 12 during the regular season have been played during the day. (Robert Morris – 2012 opener was at night)

Zach Vraa and the Bison will not play a regular season night game for the second straight year.

I know in the past that’s been a point of contention for some fans; especially those that are coming from farther distances, who appreciated the fact of not leaving super early, but there is also the faction that enjoyed having the night to enjoy after the game. What say you Bison fans about no night home games? There may only be two night games on the schedule altogether, South Dakota and Weber State have not announced their games yet, while the last two trips for NDSU to Cedar Falls have both been night games, and we can probably bet that Iowa State will be an evening kickoff for TV. Bison fans haven’t seemed to mind too much over the last two years, where there has been two Friday 7pm games, an 11 am Saturday kickoff and a 4pm start after Taylor Swift was in town. I know my colleague Mr. Kolpack always prefers afternoon kickoffs.

2014 Schedule

  • August 30th      at Iowa State               TBA
  • September 6h  at Weber State            TBA
  • September 13th  Incarnate Word     2:30pm
  • September 20th  Montana                2:30pm
  • September 27th   BYE
  • October   4th   at Western Illinois        3:00pm
  • October 11th   Southern Illinois      1:00pm
  • October  18th  Indiana State            2:30pm
  • October 25th   at South Dakota           TBA
  • November 1st  SDSU                        2:30pm
  • November 8th  at UNI                           TBA
  • November 15th at Missouri State         2:00pm
  • November 22nd Youngstown St.     2:30pm 

23 thoughts on “Some Times Set

  1. I like the 2:30 games. It gives you a chance to talk about and socialize with your friends after the game.

  2. Don’t Love it. I preferred the home opener at 6 to maximize tailgating when it is still warm out. The homecoming game can move to 2:30 as 1PM is too early for tailgating. l

    Also, another nice thing about the night games for those of us with kids is you can go to bed after tailgating for 5 hours and a 3 hour game. If you have a 2:30 game you get home around 6 and have Daddy duty for a couple hours, while getting zero sympathy from the wife. Just my 2 cents.

    • News flash. College football isn’t all about tailgating. It’s about the game itself.

  3. I guess you could put the kids up for adoption if they’re getting in the way of football season. Gooooo Bison!

  4. I prefer the night games. There is too much stuff to get done during the day so I end up listening on the radio for most of the games. The fall is a busy time and days get shorter. Although I see both sides to the issue. I guess whichever times put the most butts in seats and TV’s.

  5. Should be 6 or 7pm games. You get all afternoon outside in the weather (we rarely get that from Dec to June) and then after the game at 9 or 10 the businesses make more money from people going out and celebrating. With a 6pm finish, most people don’t go out that Saturday night.

  6. Dom, any chance the USD game will be played in Sioux Falls Howard Wood Stadium again?

    • Don’t believe so, think USD saw that backfire in 2012 with the amount of NDSU fans that bought tickets to both the Colgate and NDSU games, there was a tremendous amount of Bison fans there that year, it was a near home game for the Bison.

      • Dom, don’t you think it would be wise to have the game at Howard Wood? The idea is to get butts in the seats; If fans of USD are too inconvenienced to drive to SF for the game, having it at Vermillion with its limited capacity will only cause USD fans to stay away, unless they limit the number of tickets to Bison fans.

  7. I love afternoon games, and I have to say – considering there’s 12 games, this schedule looks pretty favorable.

  8. Dom – Will TV change any of these start times though? Usually the TV Schedule makers have the final say in this.

      • I hope they have all home and away games on TV. Iam assuming kvly will be doing state tv for all home games. Hopefully USD will be midco. It would be nice if every game was on espn 3 for people outside ND. Better yet I hope FSNorth adds some games!

  9. I like the night games best but I think day games works best for TV broadcasts and tailgating. We will get some night games during the Second Season (playoffs).

  10. With the afternoon games it makes it easier for whom ever wants to televise games to be able to cover. Once you get into prime time it’s a different animal. Unless of course you want to schedule Tuesday night then ESPN is more than happy to cover it.

  11. Is anything changing with the TV deal in 2014? Will it still be statewide NBC as the primary carrier? In addition to the primary coverage, I hope every game will be available through one of these options for Twin City viewers like Myself: Fox 1, FCS, FSN, FSN+, or ESPN3. Last year, I think 10-11 were available, so no complaints compared to past years. FSN or FSN+ in HD would be ideal. FCS in SD doesn’t do it for me, although it’s better than nothing (not much better). Summit League Tourney needs to go HD also.

    • I can’t say I’m privy to what the competition is doing for TV broadcasts, can’t imagine it be different, Weber State might be the tricky telecast, likely South Dakota game will be televised on MidCo Sports Network.

    • Yep, we’ll be back this Sunday and throughout spring football, we’ll likely scale back in the spring/summer months, something Jeff and I are discussing.

  12. Got those of us in town, we will go to the game no matter what the time is. It’s the out if towners that benefit from this. If you have to drive an hour of more home, it’s a lot better. If you want to watch the game on tv, this is the only option for start times most weeks. Saturday mornings and early afternoons are pretty good for tailgating especially in September.

  13. It’s the media outlets that dictate the kickoff times and not Bison fan tailgating preferences… Plain and simple. The real money is made off advertising and sponsorships not beer sales and concessions.

    • Considering they do not sell beer at Bison games, and the FFD has had the same concessions for 20 years this is a pretty obvious point.

      And the real money is made off the Fans buying tickets aka Teammakers.

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