Bison Video Blog: What’s next for the Bison men’s basketball program

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28 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: What’s next for the Bison men’s basketball program

  1. No hurry is right!.. So long as its done sometime in early May. Get settled in with the team before they leave for whatever break they get, and get ready for July AAU viewing tournaments. Better to get the right person than just anyone because of some arbitrary date deadline.

    And… The list of candidates is not very impressive. Lets get Paul Westhead for exciting end to end basketball… a dream i know….

  2. Jeff & Dom

    What are your thoughts on scholarship athletes being able to unionize? Will college football survive? It’s bound to increase the cost of football and all other sports. Will it mean that colleges will have to eliminate more sports to maintain their ‘money’ sports? Will it affect title 9? What happens if a school allows / is forced to allow scholarship athletes to unionize, will they be able to remove a scholarship from a person based on performance, behavior or any other reason?

    So many questions, but it opens up a whole lot of possibilities that the young men at Northwestern may not have considered.


    • If they can be unionized then they are “employees” and their scholarships can be taxed. The IRS would like that.

    • Northwestern is a private institution and if unionized the college will just drop football.
      The institution makes money off a players work, makes the players dress a certain way, behave a certain way, makes them be at a certain place at a certain time…sounds like an employee to me. Or indentured servants.
      This issue will be debated but I am on the side of the athletes. There at a minimum needs to be a long term healthcare plan if injured while playing college sports to make the college money.

      • If they dropped football would they be dropped by the Big Ten? As we know to join the Big Ten all teams have to field a team in every sport specified by the Big Ten.

  3. Clint has some great questions. I too agree that the Northwestern players just tapped the first nail in what could be a serious backlash by the NCAA, colleges and many repercussions lying in the coffin. All of the great liberal thinking of unionizing and increased minimum wages etc., never is thought out on what the end economic impact has. The college could drop the programs and leave the athletes hanging. Or if they feel they are employees, then offer them a check and no scholarship and no health care and have the athletes pay for all of that. Taking the union route is idiotic, and will start the death of the college sports. The death that will be in the coffin, the Northwestern players just started to close.

  4. In looking at the list of current men’s basketball coaching openings there aren’t too many that look like a fit for Saul. At this moment there are 4 or 5 that would be considered a step up from NDSU and a bunch that are basically a lateral move or a step down. The thing to consider is would a BCS level conference higher directly from a Summit League school or does he need to go to a high major non-BCS conference first. If you look at it through those criteria maybe a job in Conference USA or the MWC before the Big East or PAC 12.

  5. Who is Saul’s agent and exactly how does the agent representing the coach represent the coach in discussions and negotiations with a college?

  6. I apologize if you talked about this in the video, however I cannot watch it given my current setup. I listened/read all the hype of Saul ‘earning’ a shot at a higher program prior to the second round game with SDSU, and given the fact that he took NDSU with his own guys to the second round is outstanding, however it seemed like he laid a coaching egg in that game. I realize SDSU’s length/athleticism on the defense end causes anyone in the country big problems, however Saul seemed very unimaginative on both ends of the court. Never was an adjustment made on defense to defend that point guard and on offense, too many times we we had guys needing to fight double teams to score. Certainly some set plays would have went a long way in that game. I still feel that game should have been ours. Thoughts from the guys who were there?

    • I think Saul is a pretty good coach… with that said I do agree that he has some learning to do. He’s relatively young and he knows he has a lot to learn as well. I listened to PA on 740 after the Oklahoma win and Saul admitted there were a few things he took away from coaching against Lon Krueger that he didn’t think of. That might be what hurts him in moving on to greener pastures.

    • Saul admitted in post-game press conference that if he had to do over again he would do something different, he said something to the effect what NDSU did obviously didn’t work. He said his players made a couple of mental mistakes on defense in handling the screens up top and that didn’t help. On the other hand, that’s the first time this season somebody has lit Kory Brown up and how can anybody predict that? From court level, SDSU looked NBA long to me. Sometimes, you just don’t match up well. This team got as far as could be expected.

  7. Go ahead pay these morans then take away the scholarships make them pay their own way through school plus charge them fees for all the training it takes them to get ready for their pro careers. Charge them for use of the weight room, the tape they use on their precious feet, the plane tickets to get them game, the Gatorade they drink on the side lines, the uniforms they wear, the laundry to wash those uniforms ect ect. Once they realize the true cost the schools provide these prima donnas maybe playing for a scholarship isn’t that bad after all.

    • This is one of the most uneducatd on the topic comments I have seen. Does your employer charge you for your computer, or transportation or other amenities of doing business? No!
      The NCAA and colleges make money on the backs of athletes (football and basketball). If someone offered to pay you $12,000 (tuition scholarship) to a year’s worth of work…would that be fair? No. You would go work elsewhere, but college athletes cannot work elsewhere for more money.
      At a minimum the NCAA or college should pay for health insurance…minimum.

      • What gives you the right to run others down big time? You opinions look foolish to some as well.

      • I agree they should get health coverage. And I know they get physical health coverage to cover their sports injuries…BUT these players are getting FAR more that $12,000 tuition. They are getting an EDUCATION. For free or greatly discounted. Most college athletes do not go on to be pro in the sports. They are being prepared for life in a field of their choosing. And they are playing the sports they love. If I had gotten a basketball scholorship when I got out of HS I would have jumped at the chance to continue to play the sport I love AND get a free education for doing it. I’m in my low 30s and it shocks me how differently some people think about this now.

    • I agree it could be the end of college sports. Maybe the way baseball has done it with minor leagues is the way it will be for football and basketball as well.

  8. Think you guys have too many worries about the FB team. Two replacements for Smith at WR, all starting LB’s return plus PGT and Deluca will have a full year under their belt, 3 of the 4 DB’s have started a bunch and we have 4 guys that have started on the o-line at different points.

    QB and DT are the biggest issues. Wentz looks the part so hopefully its not another Mertens deal. Need 3 new DT’s to step up so we will find out how good those recruits really in short order.

    • I agree BisonFan, we have the recruits to fill the spots the only question is are they as good as their predecessors. You would like to believe that with three straight national titles, the Fargodome as your home field, a visit from College GameDay and Bison tradition that these kids will be pretty special, but until they are doing it on Saturdays in the Fall we won’t know for sure. I have always said if you are an FCS team and you have holes to fill I would rather fill those holes with Bison recruits than the recruits from any other school. Go Bison!

  9. I’m not sure Saul is a fit at Marquette. Yes, Wisconsin guy, but everybody is glossing over the fact he’s a Bo Ryan-Badger guy. The Marquette-Wisconsin rivalry is real, and I think it’s going to be tough for them to hire one of Bo’s guys.

    South Florida would make a lot of sense. Can Saul handle the job/media attention? Certainly. But again, with the slower tempo style he plays, I think he needs to go somewhere that pressure is low or where there isn’t a tremendous basketball history/tradition. That’s some of how Dick Bennett & Bo Ryan stuck around at Wisconsin. Badger Basketball had stunk for eons and expectations were low. It’s also why I think, though they’ve played the slow style too with Bennett, he’d be leary of going to Wazzu. They’re not going to be overly patient there. South Florida? I know they won a couple tourney games a few years ago, but the pressure to win there immediately will be much different. Plus it’s Tampa over Pullman.

  10. Big 10 dropping Northwestern = Big 10 adding NDSU.
    Re-hire Coach Bohl, with Rocky as D-Coordinator.
    Basketball Re-hire Tim Miles, Saul as his right hand man.

    the pieces are in place.

    We coming We coming.

  11. And I don’t work for an employer who is going to train me then let me leave so I can have the chance to make a millions of dollars. You missed the point it isn’t just about football or basketball. When you look all sports at each school and the cost of running those sports I bet with the exception of a handful of schools the positive cash flow is realitivlely small if any. The fact of the matter is these athletics need the years at school in order to develop in order to be ready for the pros otherwise they would be stuck in some developmental league somewhere making $40-50,000/yr for 5 or 6yrs. with no education for a backup if it doesn’t work out.
    The best option is the system they have now but I will agree if they come up with a an allowance so they worry about needing any outside income during the season. The problem is what that amount should be because it would have to be equal for all athletes. Suggestion scholarship =tuition+room and board+5% spending $. The part about insurance Obama took care of that with them able to stay on mom and dad’s policy. Any other cost that is what mommy and daddy’s are for. If they go the route of unionizing the schools will drop all the non revenue sports in a heart beat because the budgets will be stretched to the max.

    • That’s not what mommies and daddies are for. These kids can get jobs outside of college in the off season. Several do already.

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