Bison Video Blog: Spring Sitdown with Chris Klieman

Spring ball begins on Saturday, Jeff and I had our first visit with Chris Klieman as head coach, you can watch a majority of our interview below, covering a range of topics from his challenges to the players he believes will stick out by the spring game. Couple of headlines:

  • 9 players will not practice this month: CJ Smith, Adam Keller, Carlton Littlejohn, Travis Beck, Zack Johnson, Colten Heagle, DeSean Warren, Luke Albers and Nate Moody.
  • Majority of practices will be held Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays because of class schedules (most will not be open to the public, with exception of a scrimmage, maybe two).
  • Position changes: Joe Haeg has moved from right tackle to left tackle, replacing Billy Turner, Jack Plankers listed as the starter at right guard, with Landon Lechler at right tackle. Jeremy Kelly is listed as his backup, watch Kelly, comes from Crookston, know the coaches are high on him. Alex Hahn has been moved from defensive tackle to defensive end, Klieman says they like his quickness and explosion. Klieman added that Esley Thorton will get plenty of reps at middle linebacker with Littlejohn out, he’s added another 10 pounds and they are counting on Thorton to take the next step.
  • Carson Wentz is the starter, but watch the backup race between Derek McGinnis and Cole Davis, wouldn’t be surprised if Davis is the number two by the spring game.¬†

23 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Spring Sitdown with Chris Klieman

  1. 2014 will be the 20th anniversary of Air McNair’s Heisman run at Alcorn St. Lets get the Heisman campaign going early for Wentz

    • if wentz is as good as rumored, he won’t be in the hunt because the #2 and #3 will be playing too much.

      • I don’t think its because of #2 & #3, its because of Number 23, 25, and 22. Our running game it too good and too dominant to have Wentz throw it 30+ times. With our OL and RBs, we will always be run first. Walter Payton awards end up with pass happy teams with mediocre defenses. Just a fact.

  2. Alex Hahn? Did you have that right? He is listed as a linebacker at 6’1″ 215 lbs. Has he been eating his Wheaties?

      • Also, right tackle Landon Lechler is not 273 as he is listed on the roster, he’s about 290 now. Klieman said his off season conditioning was tremendous.

        • Our O-line is going to be taller than the starters on the men’s basketball team. Other than the center is anyone under 6-5?

  3. The defensive line scares me too. We have been spoiled the last few years there. I hope some guys step up. go bison !

  4. BTW and FYI, I believe the posting comment rules from the folks upstairs have changed to if you’ve posted three consecutive comments without getting flagged, then every subsequent one gets posted automatically;

  5. Why is it that the interview portion is in mono and when you show clips of the players, it is in stereo?

    • Love the blog, live chats, and coverage guys!!!! One small request— can you please mic up everyone, a lot of times your sound is very very low to the point its hard to hear. Otherwise, awesome do not change a thing!

      • On the audio issue, I edited it the segment, taking the audio off of me for my questions, wanted to make sure Klieman was heard loud and clear, will adapt for future sit-downs.

  6. great job guys Dom/Jeff…….this is being ticky tack but why doesnt someone update there weights on the roster..I know it probably changes every month with work outs but would be nice to see there progression….

    • I think they only get the update on height and weight once a year at the beginning of fall practice. Really there is no point. The players and coaches know that’s the main thing.

  7. It is too bad that those 9 guys have to sit out of spring football but it gives us a chance to see some backups in action and continue to build on our depth.

    • Most on that list have played a ton of ball…no worriers there. Keep in mind all the extra games and practices played over the past 3 years.

  8. This spring and fall will be really exciting for Bison football fans.

    Last year it was all about whether or not the Bison could realize their full potential by going undefeated and winning a third straight national championship. This year is even more exciting in my thinking. It will be really fun to see how a new team with new starters and new coaches can meld together to make a serious bid for another MVFC championship and deep playoff run.

    I think a lot of the any success the Bison may have will hinge on how the OL and DL come together. I will be joining Klieman in watching the interior DL in particular.

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