Sunday Live Chat

After a couple of busy Sundays from the Selection Show to traveling, the Sunday Live Chat returns at 10pm Central tonight, join Jeff Kolpack and me for an hour of fun talking NDSU, March Madness and the FCS!


14 thoughts on “Sunday Live Chat

  1. I am wondering why NDSU didn’t recruit Tanner Kretchman? He is a steal for MSUM. Woodside was small so his being under 6′ shouldn’t count against him. I heard Saul never talked to him, Local talent is always a great draw for better crowds and Tanner can flat out shoot! Big mistake by the Bison Coaching staff.

    • How many times does this need to be discussed. Old news, Kretchman is going to MSUM. NDSU has a couple of 6′ plus all-state guards from Wisconsin that signed way last fall.

    • Unfortunately the Bison are pretty set with guards and the need is for big’s. Just the way it is when you only have 13 spots.

    • If Kretchman was D-I talent, why isn’t he going to GF or Brookings or Vermillion?

    • Doesnt mean we didnt have interest in him. We already have been on these guards for a few years

  2. Does anyone connected even know if Mike Jewett HAS interest in the NDSU job? I get that he’d be an ideal candidate but, and this tells you how far our gig has fallen, a the top assistant for a very good mid major, he might be able to do better. That and if Minnesota has a chance to get Johnston I’m sure he’d rather stay and get promoted to a program that’s far better right now.

    • I agree if Johnson goes to UM he will either take Jewitt with him or Jewitt would be promoted to HC at SDSU. Not real sure if he’d be interested in the NDSU job anyway. I think Dorn is a real deterrent to a quality coach. Her handling of some of the recent situations does not instill confidence in me and I’m sure candidates are seeing the same.

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