Spring football: first day in full pads

Today, Wednesday, was another step in the Bison spring football process — the first day in full pads. Here are a few thoughts from head coach Chris Klieman heading into the two-hour workout:

  • As expected, the interior defensive line will probably grab the attention of the coaches. Klieman said he’s curious to see how Austin Farnlof has rebounded from knee surgery. On the other side, he’s curious to see how the young offensive linemen like Jack Plankers, Landon Lechler and Jeremy Kelly hold up to the pressure; whether they can hold the fort at the point of attack.
  • Running back King Frazier, the transfer from Nebraska, had a good opening weekend. Klieman said he looks faster than he figured.
  • Klieman said sophomore middle linebacker Nick DeLuca has made “quantum leaps” since the end of last season, looks to be more knowledgeable with the defense. There was some speculation that the 6-3, 237-pound DeLuca would get big enough to be a defensive end, but Klieman likes him at linebacker.
  • Defensive tackles coach Nick Goeser knows he has his work cut out for him after seeing four guys graduate last season. “You know what, it’s exciting too,” he said. “We’re going to find out what kind of a coach I am real quick.”
  • We have a story going in Thursday’s Forum on Tanguay. He’s 6-4 and 288 pounds, and hopes to be a solid 295 next season. It’s a forgone conclusion that there’s no way anybody should expect him to be at the level Perry, Drevlow and Luecke were last season, but you have to start somewhere. Although don’t tell that to Tanguay: “I full expect myself not to miss a beat from where those guys left off last year,” he said.
  • Tanguay was one of several who lifted twice a day during winter workouts, getting up at 5:30 a.m. to get to the BSA for a 6 a.m. start and then returning later in the day. “It’s crazy but I loved it,” he said.

28 thoughts on “Spring football: first day in full pads

  1. It wasn’t a report it says “heading into practice” which is just getting going now.

    The pads are poppin & we will not miss a beat on defense. If Wentz gives ndsu above average play then watch out!

  2. Jeff, what do you think the back-up plan is for DT? Possible position change to add depth?

    • As of there are no position changes I’m aware of, but you would think they need to do something, right? Seems like a perfect fit for a JUCO if there is anybody out there.

      • Yes, I would expect the coaches to make a move. As far as a position change maybe they want to see how the O-line shakes out this spring? A transfer seems like the best solution but easier said than done. Just crossing my fingers for no injuries this spring.

  3. Not questioning the reporting, but I thought it was common that the entire football team workouts together at 6am during the winter?

  4. Dom/Jeff: Has Klieman made any mention of changing up the back field with one RB getting the bulk of the carries or shall we expect the same 1-2 punch we’ve seen the past few years?

  5. Crockett and Ojuri both talked about how splitting carries allowed them to make it through the entire season without any serious or nagging injuries. The MVFC is a very physical conference so 2 or 3 backs is needed. Derrick Lang played a bunch last year too (remember the big catch and run on the screen pass at K-State on the winning drive).

  6. Jeff or Dom, or anyone else I guess, do you guys know why NDSU is not having the locker room sale this year?

  7. I really like our running backs and O line. If Wentz works out at QB and his arm and the receiving corps are up to the task the emphasis of this football team could easily shift to offense.

  8. What would you consider to be a more prestigious championship title trophy to have in your trophy case…the NIT Championship or the FCS Championship? I know, two completely different sports, but which one of the second tier division I titles would your rather have?

    • I would say the FCS Championship, because of the football playoff system.

      You should have also had the college hockey championship included. This would be 3rd in ranking as it isn’t even a tournament with all DI institutions in it.

      • I didn’t realize the FCS playoffs had all division I institutions in it. I should research a little more before commenting.

    • What would you choose if the Gophers beat Union, a DIII school, in the college hockey championship?

    • Bigtime I would say the FCS football. I have a question, if there was a basketball division equal to what FCS is in football would you want the Bison to play FBS level basketball of FCS level basketball?? Personally I like the getting a shot at the big dance but in FCS they could win a title like in football. Tough call. I know sometimes we kind of act like FCS doesn’t count like FBS does but in high school no one ever thinks less of the Class B basketball champs than they do the Class A champs.

  9. Better question would the Gophers want to trade their NIT championship for a chance to play in the dance.

    • I am sure an auto bid in the dance would be preferred to the NIT but that really wasn’t the question I had posed. It also didn’t have anything to do with hockey. Just wondering FCS or NIT… I really don’t know myself what I would prefer but it seem to be a tough one to answer.

      • Having the NIT Championship at Madison Square Garden is huge, but they didn’t make it to the Big Dance.. Be honest they didn’t reach their true Goal!!! FCS Championship is the Ultimate Prize for that Level!! So to answer your question.. NO CONTEST!! FCS FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

        • I agree with Frank. Achieving the ultimate goal, even if its not the top level of competition in that sport offered in college athletics, would always trump winning a tournament like the NIT.

          • I think I agree. NIT is a consolation tournament and the FCS is the highest championship for that level of play. FCS!!

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