Sunday Live Chat

What to discuss tonight? Saul Phillips it out and who’s in? Jeff and me with our thoughts and your questions, weekly live chat starts at 10 pm Central here!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Live Chat

  1. I just want to say that I am happy for Saul Philips and his family! Our boys have participated in his summer basketball camps, Bison Hardcourt Buddies, and attended games. He is such a class act! My boys have enjoyed his coaching and more importantly Saul as a person. He’s so positive and encouraging. You could tell back then the players truly liked Saul on and off the court! He’s such a caring guy!

    One personal example was when our boys attended a Bison Summer Camp. At the end of the first camp, Saul asked my boys if they were returning to the second week of basketball camp. One said “yes!” The other had to have surgery. Coach Saul asked me if it was true. I told him it was and that our son wanted to play ball on his week off before the surgery. Coach Saul immediately asked where the surgery was going to be, and if he could come up to see him once he was out of surgery. Saul is a busy man and so this just shows what compassion he has for the kids, players, and this community! That meant so much to our son! Saul still took it a step further to send a card signed by the players on his team at that time. Words can’t express my gratitude to Saul and all of those players! We truly love Saul and will miss him! We want the best for him and his family! Thank you Coach Saul for what you have done for our boys, and this community! We hope to see you again! The Thompsons

  2. I wish Saul nothing but the best! He deserves the shot at Ohio and I think it will lead to a BCS conference job down the road! Best of Luck Saul! !

  3. Wish I could catch the Bison FB Spring game…. but its in the middle of the week…. in the middle of the day. Any chance WDAY or someone will broadcast/post to youtube or other streaming source?

  4. Every year at this time, my SD relatives are fired up about their bunny’s. The closer it gets to FB season the more their optimizem fizzles out.

  5. Jon it’s on sat 26th. Saul was a great guy and he won at the right time. but frankly only had 1-2 big wins in 5 years. NDSU could find a better “clutch” winner or an in – game adjustment catch instead of an asst promotion. Open up a national search let’s go bison!

    • I hope you are kidding! Two tournament appearances in five years is about as good as you can expect for the program. Saul Phillips may go down of one of the best coaches in NDSU’s history.

      • Probably the most underrated. Look at the dump of facility he had to recruit to.

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