Bison Video Blog: ‘Coaching Watch 2014′ edition

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9 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: ‘Coaching Watch 2014′ edition

  1. Kelly Roysland & Ben Johnson Gopher Assistants to NDSU & watch the recruits flock.

  2. You guys need to quit obsessing with King Frazier. I know he is a Nebraska transfer, but the kid really hasn’t done anything on the playing field in over three years. There are a lot of other young guys that should be the topic of conversation when talking Bison football at this time.

    • We could also quit obsessing so much about SPRING football in general….but this is Fargo and NDSU after all…..

      • Maybe focus on a running back like Chase Morlock who will be contributing in 2014. Also, when is the last time a Moorhead kid played meaningful minutes for the Bison?

    • It’s a storyline… plus he was injured so questions will remain as to how he will fit in.

  3. That was a short watch for the men’s HC. Congrats Dave! You deserved it and I know you will do great for the Bison!

    Not too thrilled with the women’s HC progress. This Penn State coach doesn’t really impress me either.

  4. The perfect program is one in which the assistants are selected to move up to HC. A program that has a history of promoting assistants is a program that is going to attrach quality assistants who know that quality performance will be rewarded.

  5. Very happy for Saul. He did a great job at NDSU and he is deserving of the chance to move up and see how he can compete at a higher level mid-major. I will follow Ohio to see how Saul does much like I do with Tim Miles at Nebraska.

    I think the Bison did the right thing in promoting Dave Richman to the head coaching position. He has been a part of the Bison program as the program has grown in division I and from the sounds of it a very big part. Congratulations, Coach Richman! Great hire on the surface Gene, now its time to show what he has.

    I’m excited about Bison football. I can’t wait to see what Wentz can do when they don’t have the reigns pulled tight since he is playing in a blowout. One thing that I think is important is a backup QB that is good enough to push him hard enough that he keeps improving. Brock Jensen became as good as he was because Wentz pushed him in practice.

    Hail The Bison!

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