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  1. 150k is a bit high, hope that lynn dorn & Amy ruley took $25k off each of their salary for that. If she can get 4 twin cities AAU girls to flip to ndsu then she’s worth that.

    • “150k is a bit high”?!?!?! If you want a real division I program then you have to pay. This amount is nothing compared to a big division I program. WBB coaches in the Big Ten get paid over $400,000 a year. If Coach Walseth is successful at NDSU, whe will move to a better paying job at a bigger program immediately.
      $150,000 a year is and example of why NDSU coaching positions are considered “stepping-stone jobs” and not a destination.

      • Right on BIGTIME! If you are serious about winning you gotta open up the wallet! Go Bison!

  2. This will help Football and Men’s Basketball continue their recent success, right?


    Why do we care?

  3. North Dakota ties, MN ties, NDSU ties . . . great hire. As for $150, good starting point. I have no doubt that she will be successful on the court and put people in the stands. she will earn every penny.

  4. I have to admit $150k initially seemed high but when you realize that we just got an assistant coach from winning B10 program it makes sense, this might be a steal for us. Jeff and Dom think it might take 5 years to turn it around, well my gut says 2-3 years for Maren. After 2 years going to the NCAA tournament she will fulfill her contract and back to the B10 as a HC.

    • I agree with 5 years cuz recruiting will be tough even with the promise of a new arena when you are playing in Bentson-Bunker. Sorry it is a great Volleyball venue but not a great hoops venue. Go Bison!

  5. If the men’s program stays the winning course I think the head coaching job will be bumped up to $250,000 a year very soon.

  6. $150K is extremely high, and this better not come out of the football budget. Do they realize how expensive it is for us fans to drive/fly to Frisco every year. Some money should be subsidized back to us diehards.

    • We want all our programs to head in a upward direction, as this happens all of NDSU’s coaches are going to be bumped up in salary. I am sure all NDSU’s fans will respond with financial support because being a one sport school would not say much for NDSU. I would hope you would desire the same thing.

  7. Frankly, what’s not to be on board with? This program has gone nowhere. If they’d given it to one of those no-name coaches on the initial lists or Jill DeVries (with respect for her career at NDSU, she didn’t have credentials for this job) then I think there’d have been some opposition. They plucked her from a major program and she has ties to our recruiting area. Probably couldn’t have done much better. Do I think she gets us on par with SDSU, USD or even UND? Not for at least 3 more years. Heck, SDSU beat her Penn State team last year.

    • I think Jill DeVries would be a great person for Maren to have on her staff. She is a former player at NDSU and has been a head coach in the region (Valley City State) so I think she would be a good asst. coach, recruiter and maybe she would have the credentials to take the job if and when Maren moves on. Go Bison!

      • I get the feeling if she wanted to be an assistant, though, she could have joined on at NDSU anytime during her VCSU tenure. But I do agree with you that she should become an assistant if she has any thoughts of ever becoming the Bison head coach. But perhaps she’s done with coaching altogether.

      • She quit on her team and left without another coaching job in hand. I’m not sure she has coaching in her blood any longer.

  8. Wayne is a good example of why it took 10 years to get the BSA project off the ground.

  9. I remember hearing a lot of the same things 5 years ago when Dehoff was hired. We all know how that turned out. I’m cautiously optimistic. We’ll find out in 2-3 years how great this hire was. Good luck to her, she will need it!

    • That can be said of any coaching hire anywhere though. Half succeed, half don’t. Different set of circumstances this time though. She’s not replacing the legend (Ruley) and it tends to be easier to be the coach that comes after the coach that replaced a legend. That and expectations are so low there won’t be tremendous pressure, especially knowing they’re sticking the program in the BBF. What’s tougher now, as opposed to when DeHoff took the job, is how far behind and down we are to our Dakota rivals (SDSU, UND, USD). At least when DeHoff had it the later two weren’t that good and still transitioning.

  10. Here my public service announcement PSA. bigtime and reality are NOT ndsu fans

    • Congratulations. You really took time to think up a PSA nobody gives a crap about. Keep soaking up the sunshine Pollyanna.

  11. Regarding the $150 K salary: Penn State HC Coquese Washington is making $2,500,000. over a five year contract or $500 K per year. The 150 K to me sounds about right for a coach with no previous head coaching experience.
    FWIW, having followed Penn State Lady Lion basketball closely for some time now, Maren Walseth is not a great recruiter and only an average coach at best. The program has NO recruits for the incoming 2014 class as they tried to recruit several 5 star players that all ended up going elsewhere. Walseth specifically coached PSU’s post players. Tori Waldner a 6-6 junior who just averaged 4.8 ppg despite starting and Candace Agee a 6-6 sophomore and form McDonald’s High School All-American only averaged 2.0 ppg this past season. IMHO, I think Washington wanted Walseth to leave. Oh, she praised her and so on, but she had to do that. But behind the scense Walseth wasn’t getting the job done. It should be noted that Walseth was already an assistant at Penn State (for one year) BEFORE coach Washington was hired in as the new coach.

    Walseth struggled in recruiting at Penn State which is a pretty easy sell: 15,600+ seat Bryce Jordan Center which was only built several years ago, the Lady Lions have won 3 straight B1G championships, HC Washington played and starred in the WNBA, PSU has now put 4 players into the WNBA in the last 2 years and so on. Plus Penn State ranks as the #15 public university in the country and ranks 37th. overall in the world. It is a world class institution.

    To me NDSU is a hard sell especially at the Division I level. I know the Bison have won 5 national titles in Division II basketball, but it is like night & day the difference between Div I ball and Div II hoops. What can she tell recruits? Come to NDSU we were 6-24 last season, we’re in Fargo, ND where it snows mountains of snow every year and also is very cold. It is not a world class institution and on and on. There most likely will be some improvement in the next few seasons as when you are down, there is only one way to go…up. But I think that maybe the Bison fans on here seem to expect Walseth to pull a rabbit out of her hat and make them Division I NCAA contenders like they use to be in Division II and I can’t see that ever happening.

    Last if you noticed in her introductory PC, she said twice that she would be there a “few years.” Kind of like a Freudian slip. Write it down, if Walseth does turn the Bison women’s basketball program around, if a B1G team were to come calling in a few years she will be gone. Personally, I don’t think she is that great of a coach, but her resume does look good on paper. But she is only going to try and use NDSU as a stepping stone.

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