Bison Video Blog: 2nd Scrimmage Recap

Scrimmage number two of the spring is in the books for NDSU and unlike last Saturday, the defense stole the show. Several players came to the forefront, including Esley Thorton who continues to progress nicely at linebacker, picking up an interception today. Eight different receivers caught passes, Carey Woods had two terrific catches, including one tip-toe catch along the sideline. Full highlights will be posted later, but here’s our recap including a special guest getting screen time.

16 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: 2nd Scrimmage Recap

  1. I was in Chicago for a business vist. I flew into Fargo via Minneapolis . While waiting for my connecting flight i decided to get a sandwich from Subway inside the airport, as I was walking through the concourse and I was wearing my Bison hoodie. There was a body massage station to my left. A lady was working on her client, she saw me walking with my bison hoodie, she left her client in the middle of the massage, walked outside and showed me the horns \../ and said., Go Bison..her client was shocked and I laughed.

  2. You guys need security, to stop Jokesters like that in your background. Any Dee Gray sightings at receiver? Amy Anderson went from 98 to 47 in LPGA money list with that finish Saturday. Michelle Wie moved to 1. Amy also passed Brooke Pancake on the list. That is all I have this morning. Gotta run, I am hungry.
    Go Bison, Happy Easter.

  3. Good scrimmage time for the spring game.

    Look at NDSU alumni in the sports world.

    Amy Anderson gets 7th in lpga
    Neil Wagner excels in MLB – TORONTO
    5 current NFL players
    2-3 more ndsu players will be on rosters this fall.
    Amanda smock still #1 in nation triple jump
    Riley D #2 I. Javelin throw
    Stephen monk #3 wrestler in college

    It’s quite the accomplishments

  4. Despite the losses on the DL, MLB and CB, the Bison defense still has to be one of the best in FCS. This is a great opportunity for Wentz to get better, and I am sure he will. The other defenses he plays against will be much easier for him having faced such a good one this spring and next fall.

  5. How is Chase doing? Will he be starting next year? I hope he beats out that Nebraska transfer.

    • Shake my head in disbelief reading your comment IowaBison. Let the best man win.

      • The best man will win. I’m just hoping it’s the local kid. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  6. I’ll cheer for King Frazier just as hard as I would Chase if he’s the starter. I like to see local kids make good.

    • Is there really a competition? Frazier has done nothing on the field in the last three years and Morlock has impressed the last three years at both levels, high school and college.
      I am not cheering for either one to be on the field over the other thsi fall, I just like to take in past performance as an indicator of future performance.

  7. Missed information on some comments. Not trying to be critical but Gebhart has stayed on the field. Did not miss one snap last year. Has played maybe more snaps than any WR last year but very seldom got thrown to. They held Vraa out of scrimmage and Gebhart got about 5 reps. #3 and #82 looked good in the practice before the scrimmage. Hope #3 gets his due this year after being the blocker and decoy last year. True testament of a Team Player!

    • Vraa played more snaps. Gebart and Woods will be huge assets to the team again. Whomever starts doesnt matter both will be big contributors

  8. Disappointed that the Bison showcase will be Thursday instead of Friday like past years. Anybody know why the change?

  9. Bigtime und fan. I’d say King Frazier did a Lil more in HS than a moorhead kid. Cmon dude

    • Get your facts straight. Frazier hasn’t played meaningful minutes in a football game since his junior year in high school in 2011. 2012 hurt, 2013 redshirt, 2014 4th string with44 total yards. I am embarrassed that we keep having this discussion about him. Just because he was 4th on the depth chart at an FBS program there is way too much excitement.

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