Bison Video Blog: Spring scrimmage recap, Maren Walseth hiring and more

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8 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Spring scrimmage recap, Maren Walseth hiring and more

  1. The women’s team signed a girl from TRF last week. When she signed she said she had never talked to Walseth. Does anyone else find that odd that Walseth had never at least talked to the new signee? She had been the new head coach for a few days.. You would think the new head coach or the new signee would have wanted to at least had some communication. Weird.

    • I sort of thought that too. I was wondering if she signed before the offer would be withdrawn. Hopefully she is a good player.

    • Yaggie told me that the previous assistants had been recruiting her the whole time, Walseth told Jeff and me on our radio show Saturday she had texted all the recruits on Wednesday and was planning on meeting with them soon. She’s coming in at a tough time, NDSU has used four of its five available scholarships, the work really begins on 2015, that’s where she needs to have an impact.

    • She was going to NDSU no matter if she was playing hoops or not. Hope she pans out, but not sure her game translates to the next level.

  2. Hopefully if the big 5 break away NDSU is ready to move into that second tier and hopefully that second tier continues to have a playoff system to decide a champion. I think NDSU and possibly the MVFC should move to the same level as the MAC, MWC, Conference USA, Sun Belt, stc. The number of scholarships offered would be the interesting thing does it stay at 63 or does it go to 85 or somewhere in between.

    One thing I know is the second tier of division I football should not have any conferences that don’t award athletic scholarships. The Pioneer League should be division III like all the other non-scholarship leagues.

    • Bison I agree. I hope the big boys leave. It will be the best for the Bison. Hopefully we get to go to 73 scholarships. If your league gives no scholarships you don’t belong in the 2nd tier.

  3. Tom the yaggie girl is a legacy she was coming to ndsu no matter what. Taylor T the new London Spicer recruit is who I am worried about she’s a scoring machine and needs to be 100% committed. Then walseth needs to grab 2 Minneapolis girls that are still sitting out there right now.

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