Spring Game PostGame Show

Spring football for 2014 is over and now the wait begins for the new season. Jeff and me break down the game and where we see the depth chart at right now. Reminder; we’ll have a couple more weeks of live chats on Sundays at 10, back again tonight, join us then!

12 thoughts on “Spring Game PostGame Show

  1. Perhaps it is just me and my computer but no video appeared for the post-spring game. It’s blank.

      • Don’t forget to disable ad blockers. I had to disable avast on this site, it made it so I couldn’t watch videos.

  2. Now it showed up. Good stuff guys.

    I agree on WR. I have to say I am disappointed in the recruiting that has gone on at that position. Wahlo was a big time recruit that never developed. Now the Bison have Wrice, Warren, and Gray that have shown virtually nothing, although Warren has been hurt that type of injury probably spells doom for an athlete in his position. Woods might be the only underclassmen with any talent capable of coming out of those two classes.

    • DeGray is more focused on his singing career he is not too much interested in playing football.

      Why not get some JUCO or FBS transfers for the receiver and CB position.

    • We’ve lost 2 games during the past 3 years. I don’t think WR recruiting is or has been an issue with NDSU.

      We are loaded at WR and TE.

  3. What more does Darius Anderson need to do to get some actual game time. The kid looks good from what I saw and the coaches seemed to like him in practice yet no carries last season. Give him a chance.

    Wentz didn’t look great IMO. Missed some throws badly. That INT was a poor decision. Hopefully his timing and accuracy improves during fall camp. The receiving corp needs to improve as well.

    Thought both lines played well. A couple penalties and a couple missed blocks but overall not bad. Defense needs to work on there tackling a bit and get off blocks better but pretty solid as always.

    Overall pretty typical spring game, not real exciting or earth shattering but wets our appetites until fall ball begins! Go Bison!!!

  4. Darius didn’t make the travel team this past season because there were 2 seniors and 1 junior RB…Chase made the travel team because he was on special teams and was the 4th backup RB….Darius helped the team by preparing the #1 defense on the scout team along with Melvin…you will see Darius in 2014…just needs to stay healthy the same as all the other players throughout the entire season.

  5. Watch the tape. The center #76 missed his block on #61. That’s why Brian was able to get to the RB so quickly on the second play of the game…..also Anderson did not play in the spring game last year because he broke his hand in practice…I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some slot time as well as RB time in 2014.

  6. I for one am glad the practices are closed..keeps the media and fans guessing..a lot of surprises in 2014..many players will be breaking out next season that no one expected….

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