Sunday Live Chat

We’ll recap the Spring Game and talk about an updated depth chart and plenty of other topics, our weekly live chat starts at 10pm central.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Live Chat

  1. Looks like we are good at RB, Safety and LB positions…WR after Vraa and TvG3 is a big unknown, seems like only Tyler Rice is working hard and CB spot after CJ is a big unknown, hope CJ Smith can mentor Tre De like Marc Will did. RJ Urzendowski has a good chance to start right away.

  2. You forgot Littlejohn for the NFL. I think he has the speed and is a great player.

    If Travis Beck can get his shoulders squared away he should get a NFL look too. One thing they know is he is a tough guy playing all season the past 2 years with shoulders popping out on him.

    John Crockett should also get a look in the NFL.

  3. The NFL draft is nearing…any new insight into Billy Turner’s draft position or possible teams that are interested?

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