The Unknowns

Plenty of attention and rightfully so is paid to the sanctioned sports at NDSU from football to softball, but there are plenty of athletes way under the radar playing sports that are not sanctioned, namely rugby and lacrosse. I had the pleasure of meeting the lacrosse team, here’s my story from the other night, thought some would like a closer look.

16 thoughts on “The Unknowns

  1. Great looking out for the other hard working NDSU athletic teams! Credit well deserved!

  2. Thanks Dom for getting some of these other lesser known sports some air time.

    Lacrosse is a fun sport to watch. Hope it catches on with high schools around here. It’s pretty big on the east coast.

    • Actually, lacrosse growing fast in almost all reas of countries.. If you look at most D1 schools, there rosters have kids from all over USA and Canada. More schools would have it as sanctioned sports but Title IX prevents most of them

  3. Thanks Dom! If NDSU ever adds another sport at varsity level, lacrosse would probably be it.. Infrascruture is there and great recuriting is available in MN, Colorado and Canada.

  4. Dance and Lacrosse, Can we afford to make them University Teams? Now we just need to add a W-bowling team. Get it done!

  5. Title IX virtually guarantees that NDSU will never add another men’s sport, so long as they’re not mandated to by NCAA regulation (to change classification, for example might require more sports).

    But it would be interesting if NDSU added women’s lacrosse some day. More and more players available from MN and perhaps one day ND as well (similar to how softball finally became sanctioned in ND high schools).

  6. As the discussion about concussions increases and more Moms are worried about thier sons there is a sport that will gain popularity. Could Lacrosse be the sport that replaces FOOTBALL?

  7. Title IX would be satisfied if you add both men’s and women’s Lacrosse. Dom no more Sunday night chats???

  8. If NDSU goes FBS or wants to go FBS it will have to add sports that match up with the other teams in a new conference.

  9. its been 4 days, cmon blog.
    bubble is being built
    baseball team needs to pick it up
    softball should goto ncaa
    cant any media in this town, point blank ask gene taylor if himself and the president have made any pitches to fbs conferences?

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