Here We Go Again

Stop me if you’ve heard this before; but it appears that NDSU and UND won’t be playing football anytime soon…again. Report out today that both Gene Taylor and Brian Faison were trading emails about playing; with a new twist that Taylor proposed playing two games both in Fargo in 2015 and 2017.

NDSU and UND last played in 2003 and it appears the drought will continue; for a while.

Faison and UND said that would not work for them, Taylor then offered one game for 2015, between 175 and 190 thousand which also was rejected by UND. I have blogging about this topic longer than I can remember, with each time getting roasted by NDSU and UND fans to forget it, to stop trying to start something that not’s there, but evidently there is something there.

I tweeted about September 19th, 2015 last June:

This appears shortsighted in my mind on UND’s account; I understand they would want a game in Grand Forks back, but why not play the game just to re-start things? Right now NDSU football dominates this state; UND is an afterthought; the biggest thing to get people excited about UND football would be a game against NDSU, not against San Jose State, Utah or Washington respectively.

NDSU fans have blasted me each and every time I’ve brought this up, but now the stubbornness on each side has worn thin, I understand that UND started this by refusing to play the Bison when NDSU decided to move up, but we’re into a second decade of not playing the best rivalry in the state, and with things looking bleak, we could be well into 15 years before they play. Again I urge all parties to at least come to some common ground and make this happen, even if it is one game.

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        • please ! I am a Bison Grad (1973) and can relate ‘racist vulgar etc ‘ stories that would make you wince originating from BOTH camps. The only only thing as consistent as the sophmoric ‘stupid ‘behavior coming from students of every era is the consisitent ignorant whine coming from ulumni ‘grads’ who have refused to outgrow that rebellious frat boy/girl era.
          yeah me and my buddies probably acted the part when we young and stupid. News flash ! we are not young any more and certainly not stupid , unlike too many today who resort to the
          ‘well the ‘other ‘ university STARTED it , THEY do it TOO!”.
          Bison pride is not a base to prop up your need to brag! Neither is ‘Sioux ‘ pride . Sportsmanship and fair play too often gets lost in these rivalries. Today we are witnessing scores of graduation ceremonies including many colleges. Show me ONE where the keynote speaker tells the new grads to go forth and become a braggart!
          So what if the Bison football team kicks the stuffing out of the “Sioux ‘ the first few years. Let em play! the Sioux basketball teams dominated the Bison teams now after the D-1 transition and I didn’t get all bent out of shape ! I was a proud of BOTH teams

  1. This game is important to the whole state of North Dakota. It isn’t necessary that it only be played in Fargo. This issue needs to be decided by adults and not children and I think you know who I am talking about.

    • Whats more important NDSU being on ESPN Gameday, winning titles on espn 2, being big 12 champ on fox sports 1 or a meaningless non conference game for the state of North Dakota?

      NDSU has done more for exposure for the State in the last 1-2 years than the past 100 years combined!

    • If it’s so important North Dakota why is UND refusing to play NDSU for a guarantee?

      The truth is UND is looking out for exactly what NDSU is looking out for and that’s themselves. UND needs to sell tickets and generate interest in an ailing football program and they think the only way they can do that is to get NDSU up to Grand Forks for a football game. NDSU knows that playing UND does nothing for them in terms of financially or branding. Only one side needs the other to achieve what they’re looking for.

      It all boils down to who has leverage here and that resides in Gene Taylor’s office. If Faison thinks he’s going to be able to set terms and pressure Taylor into a contract that isn’t beneficial for NDSU he’s dreaming. If UND wants the game so bad it’s Gene Taylor’s way or the highway, simple as that.

    • Bison fans have lost interest in seeing this game come back. Don’t say state of ND deserves the game, its mostly some UND fans that want it back.

      • You must be a very young man marky, for you have little grasp of the fickle nature of sports. ‘ Bison fans’ will turn a ‘180’ plenty quick and it will happen if the games resume. Just one close game ! just one ‘upset ‘ victory by the “Sioux”– Hell just the sight and smells and the sounds of THAT game will get all the blood going again! The Bison /Sioux , NDSU/UND football game is the sleeping giant of sports events in ND! Poke the giant -I dare you ! It will awaken and roar back as loud as ever!

        • If it does happen I’ll be pulling out my Sioux Suck $%#! tee shirts. I hope they let me through the door!

  2. Shortsighted? NDSU can play a home-and-home with Weber St. and Montana, but not North Dakota?. It “make sense” financially for NDSU to travel to Missoula and Ogden, but not Grand Forks? Taylor complains about Montana St. backing out on them, but at the same time he was doing the same to North Dakota. I didn’t know you got your talking points from the NDSU athletic department. I thought that was just Kolpack.

    • Appreciate your comments, always entertaining; Weber State wouldn’t come to Fargo without a home game first. The amount of FCS teams that will come to Fargo for just one game and not ask for at least 275 K? Probably less than five. NDSU wants to make sure they play six games at home every year, they are not going to budge from that especially with the amount of money they are making for home games, why not at least start the rivalry with one game and see where it goes from there?

      • If UND were to schedule the 2015 game in Fargo only, they would only have five home games. IMHO this is fine if there is a guarantee of them playing in GF down the road.

        Also, scheduling a home and home with Weber seems to make all arguments of scheduling anything other than a home and home with UND ridiculous. By this logic traveling 1,500 miles is more economical than traveling 75 miles.

        • That logic works only if you ignore the fact that UND screwed NDSU when they went DI. You may be tired of that, and if so, talk to Roger Thomas. Gene Taylor is only doing what we boosters want him to do and if that makes UND fans uncomfortable, well than that is simply gravy.

          • “…what we the boosters want him to do…”

            Wow, you have so much POWER!

      • Which is better for NDSU: to know they’ll have a guaranteed non-conference home game every 4th year, or to hope they will? I ask again, why is it OK for them to travel to Missoula and Ogden, but not Grand Forks? Taylor cited fiscal demands in his email to Faison. A trip to Grand Forks is surely cheaper than trips to Missoula and Ogden. NDSU backers like to criticize the travel challenges that the Big Sky conference presents, yet it seems NDSU is more than willing making the voyage if it means they can avoid a 75 mile trip North on I-29.

        • The Montana game has been scheduled for a very long time. 5 or more years ago. The first game was supposed to be played a year or two ago but was pushed back. Did UND have an open date this year when NDSU was looking for possible opponets? Guess not… funny how logic does in fact play into this discussion every now and then.

      • Tell me a media guy, the ‘game’ suddenly is worked out and is on the schedule next year, would you not get all the machinery of hype and politics and advertizing $$$$$ and prestige of doing the “game’ and the circus atmosphere in full gear? Of course you would . No media person today would just downplay it all! It would be big business and sooner or later the public ( like it or not ,the public today is hungrier than ever for this kind of stuff and has more freetime and $$$ than ever ,despite what the whining politicos say about the sh**y economy) would lap up the game . Few ever went broke underestmating the Amercian public’s need to be entertained. Look at how nutsy some have gotten over the new “Fargo” TV series! It aint even about Fargo and it aint even filmed here etc but by golly they just got to watch it.
        Imagine the ‘real ‘ thing like Bison /Soiux football !
        Yeah ‘nobody’ cares !!!!

        • Appreciate the comments, but as you all know WDAY does not own any broadcast rights to Bison football; I would say as a reporter the game has an “aura” around it that other games don’t. I see both viewpoints on this debate, I can’t say I understand them, but for the hype for Missouri State, Indiana State and Southern Illinois just isn’t the same as North Dakota, I would some would agree with me on that.

  3. What are your thoughts on the other fact that was brought up – that apparently there was a verbal agreement made to play a home/home in 2015/2017? And then Taylor refused to sign the contract and demanded that everything be in Fargo? How is UND the one shortsighted? WHich team is the one that is having trouble filling schedules? I am genuinely curious on these questions, not trying to stir any pot……

    • I don’t know why the deal for ’15/’17 didn’t materialize; I remember reporting on it in 2011 that I thought it was going to happen, but I know NDSU wants 6 home games and they want the FBS game, if they play UND on the road and the FBS game, there’s no way they can still get the 6 home game fulfillment.

      • Can’t quite remember, but one of the years (2018 or 2019) there are 12 games allowed for FCS teams.

        That’s the only way that NDSU can have six home games, play at an FBS and then play away at a FCS team.

        Like they’re doing this year (Iowa St, Weber St).

      • 3 National Championships in a row and a FargoDome sold out for the entire season in less than a day happened Dom. NDSU doesn’t need a game with UND to sell tickets. UND plays in an empty arena and want NDSU fans to fill it up.

      • dom, if you recall the negotiations dropped last time because Faison started blabbing to the press before the deal was set.

  4. He’s saying the amount of successes Ndsu has had sense movie up to D1 they deserve the right to have 2 home games. UND has gone down sense moving up they need to understand that. But if having one in Fargo and GF to get it started is fine with me

  5. Never even knew UN_ was FCS. I thought they were beat by Sioux Falls U? We want goid opponents. Not 3-8.

      • The thing those three teams bring to the table that the team from Grand Forks doesn’t is they came to Fargo, took their paycheck, and went home without expecting anything else.

        The offer is on the table…….

  6. To bad the cities are not closer because a neutral site game would solve all of this.

    • Shouldn’t it still work, anyway? Given the vast number of NDSU and UND alumni living in the Twin Cities.

      Split the revenue 50/50 down the middle. Folks from eastern ND would all drive down to Mpls. Etc. It’d be a huge ND party weekend in the cities. Downtown mpls hotels and bars would be chalk full.

      The stupidity and stubbornness of the men at the top (well really just one man, Gene Taylor) is stunning.

      • Splitting the profits right down the middle still favors the Sioux because let’s face it there will be many more Bison fans. NDSU has brought 20,000 to the cities and to Frisco to watch the Bison play, the Sioux can’t sellout the Alerus in GF. Would either team ever schedule a game in Bismarck against someone other than each other? Or is there no stadium out west big enough to handle 15 to 20,000 fans?

      • So this is just a bailout for UND’s struggling athletic department? Oh wait thats what this entire issue is about and is why Faison keeps having to cry to the Grand Forks press.

        • Except Faison isn’t the AD that is crying in the media. Remember the guy that thinks he’s the key to NDSU’s success? How many AD’s do you hear about at big time DI programs? None. GT thinks anything good that happens at NDSU is because of choices he made. He also thinks that anything bad that happens is because of UND. “These boys (AD’s) have been through enough.”

  7. There will be a protest on the campus of UND Friday. Please show your support for Native Americans. #walkforchange

  8. Good job by General Schlossman to throw a distraction from the Siouxper Drunk controversy

  9. First of all the only backing out was done by the Sioux in 2003. So, you want to play this game? Fine, then the Sioux should come and play when and where the Bison specify. Does Alabama do a home and home with North Alabama or South Alabama? Of course not, and both are FBS with the same amount of scholarships as the Crimson Tide. The difference is Alabama has dominated FBS football. So why would the three time defending FCS champs go play in Grand Forks? The Bison don’t need the Sioux to sell tickets, they could play Mayville State(no disrespect to Mayville State) and sellout. The Sioux on the other hand haven’t had a sellout since 2003 when the Bison played in the Alerus Center.
    Why all the fuss? I am a huge Bison fan and have been since the 70’s and I can honestly say whether they play the Sioux or not is really of no consequence to me. I know a lot of the readers on here might not have been around in the 80’s when the Bison were reeling off Division II titles, but the big rivalry games weren’t with UND. They were with USD and UNO. Then the rivalry with Pitt State heated up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But to say that the UND game was and still is the end all beat all game . . . well it wasn’t true in the 80’s and it certainly isn’t true now, especially not in Fargo.
    Like I have said time and time again, if they want to play the Sioux fine then play them, but don’t do it for me. Because I certainly don’t need it. The last thing I have to say on the subject is before they play, if they play, I would like to see UND come out and admit that they were wrong as an athletic department for walking away from the rivalry in 2003 and for criticizing the Bison for making the D-I move. Then if the Bison want to go play them it is fine with me. I just I don’t feel it is right that they should be able to walk away and criticize the Bison for going D-I. Then of course 5 years later they get the balls to finally make the D-I move and now they want to make the Bison look like the bad guys for not wanting to play them. I am not blaming the current UND President, AD or the football coach they had nothing to do with what went on at that time, but they are in power now and have to rectify the situation that was screwed up by your predecessors. Go Bison!

    • 1) North Alabama?? Is not in Division I. Let alone in FBS. Sheesh.

      2) ) If NDSU vs. UND football meant nothing, why why the record attendance for the Fargodome set every time UND came to Fargo?? That was before 2006 for the GWFC title against SDSU, but still at that time they were the highest attended games in the building.

      3) UND couldn’t play NDSU because of the DII playoff point system (the same system that screwed NDSU out of the playoffs in 2003 for the *WIN* against Montana – unbelievable!!) – If you want to act like a school girl towards someone, act like that towards the NCAA! They screwed it up.

      So there you go, all of your main arguments blown to smithereens.

      • Sorry meant Troy University in Alabama. I agree the UND games would sellout but so does every other game the Bison play. The first time they play it would be a big deal but you know as well as I that after the Bison pound them by 40 or 50 the next game won’t be as big a deal, not like SDSU and UNI. I am not dissing the Sioux but you know right now UND is no match for the Bison in football, you gotta be honest about that. SDSU and UNI are conference games and it means more than the rivalry does. Now if the Sioux and Bison were in the same conference that might change. If the game meant something towards an MVFC title. I will say one thing nothing gets this blog going like the Bison-Sioux football talk but is it because everyone wants a game or because they just hate each other?? Let me put it this way. Honestly if I could have tickets to 2 games and my choices were UND, SDSU or UNI, I would leave out the UND game and I believe that if you as a Sioux fan had the same choice of NDSU, Montana or Montana State you would skip the NDSU game. Because the Montana and Montana State games mean something in your conference. Do you agree?

      • Hey, good points on the record attendance, thing. Just wondering, would you mind making your third point more clear? Just a simple explanation of the point system and how NDSU got screwed in their win over Montana? Thanks!

        • Regarding the points system, the DII actually instated (get this) a system that awarded FEWER points to a DII school for beating (playing) a Division I-AA (as it was called back then) team than for beating a DII team!!

          NDSU ended up being left out of the DII playoffs in 2003 because they lost three games: lost to UC Davis (a transitioning team at that time, a DII power before that), lost to UND in Grand Forks and then lost in the Ice Bowl to St. Cloud St in St. Cloud (in the old dungeon stadium). The win at Montana ended up counting for less than if NDSU would’ve played and beaten an NSIC team. Once of those NSIC teams made it into the playoffs over NDSU, if I recall correctly (probably Winona St).

          No joke! Kolpack can back me up here.

          So when NDSU started the transition, it would’ve put UND in the exact same position that NDSU had been just a year before.

          The NCAA revamped the rules not too long after that, if I recall correctly. But the damage had been done.

          Taylor took it personally, both student papers printed the entire back page that had a rubber chicked on it and said “[opposite school] Ended the Rivalry!”

          • After the NDSU debacle in 2003, d2 changed that policy. Roger Thomas knew it was being changed, and it was a matter of public record. Furthermore, that argument only applies for football. Roger Thomas dropped all sports simultaneously at the last possible moment.

            So much for that little argument. UND is entirely in the wrong, it isn’t incumbent on NDSU to put history and self interest aside to play UND, especially since UND has yet to make a statement of responsibility, let alone apology.

          • So you’re saying in 2003 UND did what was in their best interests by not scheduling NDSU.

            Now you are criticizing NDSU for doing the same in 2014?

      • The attendance records have been with SDSU and UNI. UND isn’t even in the top 5 anymore.

        • Nonetheless, there are at least three instances of UND coming to the Fargodome where the attendance for the game was over 19,000!!

          That was in the DII days, with average attendances probably less than 15k.

          Don’t lie by saying they were meaningless. That’s a lie!

          • Just saying NDSU doesn’t care about UND, they are not in our conference.

            NDSU sells out all home games in less than a day, without UND on the schedule.

            UND has an empty stadium with a team that isn’t any good. UND needs NDSU fans to fill their stadium but NDSU does not need UND fans to fill the FargoDome.

          • conference games are never meaningless. Now UND-NDSU would be about as meaningful as OU-NU.

        • A good lesson on attendance can be had in the Bison playoff game of 4 years ago ( I think it was the year they lost to East Wash in the playoffs) . The Bison did not /could not fill the Dome for the game . There were about 10,000 there. Good reasons why but it was when the Herd just started the ‘dynasty’. That same weekend the Sioux filled the Ralph for it’s ‘meaningless’ conference hockey game. about 11,500 there. My point is that when the Bison fill that dome consistently year after year , even after the Herd goes through rough times, THEN this attendance stuff has merit. Easy to gloat about full stands when you are a winner! Are you guys going to brag about full stands when the Bison go through losing streaks ? I sincerely hope so! Then fan loyality really means something!

          • What was the average attendance at the tin shed these past few years? 5-6k? Try comparing apples to apples next time.

            As for the playoff game, the attendance was 12,202 officially. As you mentioned, there were plenty of reasons for the lower attendance, but to name a few
            1-There were 11,742 people at the hockey game at the same time
            2-Holiday weekend that resulted in dramatically less students at both venues.
            3-NDSU had less than a week to sell tickets right after one of the most disappointing losses in recent memory. They didn’t have the playoff routine as rehearsed as they have today.

            Comparing NDSU’s attendance to the rest of the field, only Montana State had more tickets sold/game. NDSU had over 7k more people attend in one game than Eastern Washington had in 3 games!

  10. Sorry to say this, but Gene Taylor needs to move on.

    He is the last thing stopping the rivalry game from being renewed, since he is the last of the four men who make the decision (NDSU AD, NDSU President, UND AD, UND President). The other three have all turned over since the last game was played.

    With all the success NDSU athletics has had, isn’t Taylor getting interest to be the AD at other schools with larger athletic department budgets??

    Gene: quit screwing around! Sign the game — or move on!! – Signed, every NDSU and UND football fan.

    • The majority of NDSU fans don’t give a rip about UND and this specific NDSU fan wants them to burn in hell for allowing Roger Thomas to ruin the rivalry. Got a beef with that, talk to him. Blame him, not Gene Taylor.

      • Gene Taylor is exactly the same man as Roger Thomas, when it comes to the NDSU/UND football rivalry. They’re both jaded, grumpy old men.

        Except that RT doesn’t make decisions for UND anymore. Taylor does, and he’s letting his emotions spoil a great thing for all North Dakotans! One man!

        Politicians needs to step in. It’s time. FORCE THE GAME!!

        • Where were you in 2003 when the game was stopped? Quit crying and lay in the bed UN_ made.

        • Each school should do whatever they feel is in their best interest as far as scheduling. No school should be forced to play the other school.

        • Politicians are too busy working on overturning laws they can’t overturn… It would be ridiculous if the legislature got involved for a football game.

        • Now UND needs the legislature to force NDSU to subsidize them?

          GT is not a jaded old man, he is treating an untrustworthy negotiating partner as such. Roger Thomas on the other hand was a bitter little man who repeatly went out of he way and abused his power on the playoff committee in order to hurt NDSU.

          GT took his athletic program to unprecedented heights, RT ran his into the ground so hard they they are still recovering.

    • Why does Gene Taylor need to move on? I think he’s done a wonderful job at NDSU. Look at all the successes. Quite frankly he proved me wrong.

    • As one of those NDSU fans, NO! Gene Taylor does not need to move on. All of those who keep pushing for this game, need to move on. It is not there anymore. Not everyone in the State is losing sleep over this game not being played. Bison Jeff hit it.
      Also, NDSU in all sports do not seem to get up for the game in any sport against UND. UND fans are still in the past and it is their season if they beat NDSU. Not the same if NDSU wins. We have our sights on bigger prizes. If the game is ever played again, it should be at the Fargodome period!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I probably would not pull my donations if SU went to GF to play, but I would should let me feelings be known.

      Time to go back to taking about something that matters…..Maybe a Softball preview or some track talk.

  11. The article really made Gene out to be the goober on this. If you agree on something, you should be a stand up man and go with it, otherwise don’t offer it in the first place. Apparently North Dakota values are lacking because back in the day a man’s word counted.

    • looks to me that faison didnt email him back for 2 freakin years? and schollsman said bubba was asked about it in 2013? he was at southern illinois. this is a horrible article just to distract people from the siouxper drunk t shirts. period end of story

      • Exactly. Schlossman is a hockey only rube who did this article simply to deflect criticism from UN_. He doesn’t give 2 sheets about anything butthockey.

  12. If the game is going to happen, UND is going to have to agree to a deal where they have to give up more and get less than NDSU. That’s the boat UND is in. NDSU does not need this game. They have bigger fish to fry. NDSU’s Spring Game is televised statewide and UND can’t even get a regular season game televised statewide.

  13. You don’t sign for me “Taylor needs to move on”. Speak for yourself. Piss on UND. They could come down and play a game at the dome per Gene Taylors offer. That would start the ball rolling and we would see what happens.

  14. There’s no point in arguing over this any more. NDSU doesn’t need UND anymore and UND doesn’t need us anymore. There’s no way NDSU gives up a 6th home game and if never playing UND again is the only way then that’s a sacrifice that should be made. SDSU is more of a rival now anyway. And UND should worry more about going .500 in their conference before trying to tie up a big non conference home game.

  15. UN_ should consider it a gift that Taylor is willing to write them a check for $175,000 to come to Fargo. That is way more than the revenue they pull in for one of their home games.

    • Will UNnoD even field a team this year? I heard they are getting thin…..Apparently the players are jumping ship. Heard a rumor the players will actually stealing form each other. Just sounds bad bad bad.

  16. It’s just mind blowing that the same fan base that chastised Montana State for buying out a game in Fargo (actually living up to the terms of an agreement) is defending their AD for blatantly backing out of an agreement with another school. Especially one that a majority of their fan base wants on the schedule.

    • bisonation was mad because montana state did that with 3 months to go before season, thats why.

      • Isn’t an agreement an agreement? Taylor put terms out there that were agreed upon by both parties. He then went back on his word. Poor leadership and bad business.

    • Last time I checked, no agreement was signed; yet another difference. And how, possibly, can UND be upset about 2 games in Fargo after what your leadership did in 2003?

    • First of all, I think it’s a stretch to say that the majority of the fan base wants this game. Maybe the casual fan wants it, but I think die-hard Bison fans generally don’t want it. Second, Montana State had signed a contract, played NDSU in Bozeman, and then bought out the return game to Fargo. Gene had not even signed a contract yet with UND. Not quite the same situation.

      • you forgot about how they rescheduled it, then dropped it.

        on the other hand GT dropped some very limited negotiations 4 year before the first game would have happened.

  17. Get over it! It’s a business decision for NDSU and it’s doesn’t make sense. NDSU doesn’t need this game. Why do people think the two schools owe it to the state to play. I’m from North Dakota and an alumni of NDSU. I have attended many games at both schools. I don’t know a single NDSU fan that cares about playing this game. However, the majority of UND fans I know think the game needs to be played.

    They will eventually play, whether it’s every few years, in the playoffs or eventually in the same conference. It will happen but until then I don’t think we need to give it a rest and stop rehashing the same old stuff.

  18. Here is the dream solution:

    1) Missouri St moves to the Sun Belt and Youngstown St moves to the MAC

    2) Eastern Illinois and UND move to the Summit League and the MV Football Conference

    That strengthens the Summit and makes the numbers work better for all the other conferences involved. Win all the way around.

    It could also work just with Missouri St moving to the Sun Belt, so long as UND was selected over Eastern Illinois.

    I have no idea on the odds of any of this happening, but it does seem like MSU actually has a chance of going to the Sun Belt. They are renovating their football stadium.

    • I think that UND will end up in the Summit and Missouri Valley Football conference if they want to, but I keep hearing they are happy in the Big Sky. The decision will be up to them.

  19. dom please. YOU and MEDIA only want this game so you can sell more air time, papers, get more blog hits, etc etc. So the media should just shut up. futhermore the weber state excuse Its a 12 game schedule this season, so by going to weber state NSDU is not giving up a 6th home game and in return we have a 6th home game when Weber returns.

    also what gene/dean need to take into account is:
    NDSU will get blamed for any “sioux suck” chant, any Sioux suck t shirts, UND fans will “race bait” to get ndsu fans to react, its what they do. Hockey fans being punks and punching in a handshake line in west lot.

    Dont play the game, NDSU has been just fine the past 11 years and lets keep that going. sorry Dom, you’re wrong, let it die. Scholssman is ONLY writing this article to take heat off the siouxper drunk t shirts, duh.

    • Dom and the media are simply doing their jobs. It’s your choice how you react to it. If you don’t want any attention going to the possibility of playing this game, then don’t give a comment.

      • It’s never been Dom’s job to try to force NDSU into playing a game that they don’t want. I realize WDAY is stuck with covering a turkey of a school but there is no need to drag us into that mess.

        • How is Dom trying to force NDSU to play UND? I doubt Gene Taylor is interested in Dom’s opinion on the matter.

    • This is a good point. why play a game with a school that is having so many issues as of late. National media for all the wrong reasons Racism, students Protesting the university for not doing enough to stop the racism. bad bad bad. I would stay clear of Gran forks University until they can get this ship together.

  20. I agree that it seems like this only gets brought up to stir the pot and getting old. The media wants it because they all get into the game for free. As a season ticket holder, I don’t want to lose the sixth home game and enjoy traveling to the BCS schools (even if the Bison lose).

  21. Maybe both schools should fine some “honest” student athletes that could gather signatures for a petition to get on the ballet so the taxpayers of ND could vote on it?

    • while wearing racist t shirts, being on family guy, oppressing native americans and forcing its freshman hockey players to get drunk at fresh party?

    • Talking about the Sioux on the blog for just one day and I am already sick of all of them. Go Bison!

  22. or exposing themselves to kids at a mall, or getting FIVE DUI’s, or a theft ring…..etc.

    • How about some hockey players peeing in an elevator? Or throwing furniture in the street? Maybe getting frost bite on their feet?

  23. Men’s BB, Women’s BB, Volleyball, Baseball x 2….any other sports you want to lose at?

  24. every sport can you seriously sit there and think that the Sioux have come close to achieving what the Bison have in D-I? Are you that delusional? Go beat Duluth or Bemidji in Hockey! Go Bison!

  25. I guess head-to-head doesn’t count since the bison lost every game. have fun with the bible school in FB, that’s all you have…oops…had!

    • We’ll take the championships and national exposure over any OOC loss to UN_ everytime! Cherish those wins over us, it’s definitely all you got!!

    • UND can take the head-to-head matchups. NDSU will take championships and national exposure.

  26. If you ever rent a car from Enterprise, please remember that some of that money will go to TJ Oshie for the commercials he does for them, the same for Parise and the Yogurt company he did commercials for. Toews is the most popular sports figure in Chicago…..enough said!!

    • Michael Jordan is still the most popular sports figure in Chicago… not some hockey player, lol.

      • I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, Jordan is old news, just like cocky rocky hager in fargo. Clueless in denial!!!

  27. National exposure, I guess the entire world watching Oshie beat the Russians doesn’t hold a candle to a few people watching a game in Texas. Nice try one-trick pony.

      • what again ? you don’t remember anyone talking about Oshie being from UND? Maybe because you didn’t even watch that wonderful event! It was mentioned MANY TIMES !!!! There was even a short 5 minute feature that focused on Oshie and all Olympians from the area ! Gigi Marvin, Toews, Parise, the Lamoreuxs..!! You can’t base your argument on your lack intelligence I guess when you didn’t see it or even bothered to look , it didn’t happen- right!

    • everysport if you hate us so bad why are you here? You can go we wont follow you to the Sioux blog. Have a good day!

  28. You would think that UND beating NDSU is like winning a national championship. (Probably because you guys haven’t won one in this century)

  29. In Fargo in 2015 & 2017 then in Grand Forks in 2019. That’s the only way it happens.

  30. Watch. NDSU wins another National Championship, UN__ has another 3-8 season, jumps on the Taylor offer of 2015. Taylor comes back and says sorry we have since filled the date. Next Taylor offer is then 2017 for less money. UN__ goes ballistic again. UN__ screams foul, and how the legislature needs to get involved. Rinse and repeat. NDSU needs to just say no to these whiners.

  31. The funniest thing is all the people on here who swear they’d be happy if the game isn’t played again, or that it isn’t needed……would be the first and loudest fans cheering at the UND-NDSU game, and the first to spend probably rub it in after NDSU won 42-10. And vice versa on the UND side. I love how fans of both schools hate each other so much that they have, and will, continue to do whatever the ADs do without question. The moment the game comes back you won’t see but a few (IE Lakes Bison) fans here or anywhere in Bison nation upset that it’s coming back or upset that it’s being played. Everyone will look forward to it and rightfully so.

    So that said….I think the game happens in 2017 or 2018 not because non-conference schedules work out, but because UND becomes a member of the MVFC and Summit. And frankly, that’s probably the only way the game’s ever going to happen. Aside from the bad blood from the transition age (Taylor), the stupidity of UND’s AD (Faison), it’s logistically a nightmare to schedule non-conference games even if the two ADs aren’t miles apart. Each program wants the home game. Unless NDSU takes another dip ala 2008-09 there going to be in the position of power.

    Eventually, they will be in the same league again. At which point, after about two or three years, we’ll probably see Gene Taylor move NDSU to an FBS conference. For all the people who want that, NDSU to FBS, to happen, I think the only way they’ll really get on board with that is because they don’t want to be in a league with UND ever again.

    • Reality I honestly don’t care if they play the Sioux or not but if they do I will go to the game. I’m not all crazy! I go to Bison games and would go to the UND game if it happens. If the Sioux Prez and/or AD comes out and apologize for what happened and take responsibility for it then fine. The Sioux stopped it and now the Bison don’t need it and the Sioux do . . .UND’s move and I don’t mean by setting a date to play! Come out and own the BS of 2003.

      • Good grief it’s been 11 years and all the people who made the decision to stay D2 there are gone. This is honestly what it still comes down to? Hell, Joe Chapman, Craig Bohl, they’re all gone. The only link to 2003 is Gene Taylor. At what point does it ever become water under the bridge?

  32. A game in Grand Forks would be a bad thing for UND. They would be at risk of having less fans then NDSU. They would never win a recruiting battle ever again.

  33. Its interesting to note that this is the Bison Media Blog. However, there seems to be a lot of un_ types involved on this BISON MEDIA BLOG. Don’t you have a blog of your own? As others have said already this topic is a non-starter and if you check who started it you can likely figure out the motive for baiting people into this go-nowhere topic. The topic should be closed since it is more of a P_ss_ng contest and of no real value.

    • Gamesmanship by UND to unsettle Gene Taylor. They cannot stand the fact that NDSU is so successful with GT in charge.

  34. Good Lord, the horse is dead, can we stop beating it? At this point it seems completely artificial and manufactured. Neither AD wants it, otherwise it would be happening. Both Teams want a home game, but we keep saying how close the two are, wouldn’t either school have quite a lot of fans in attendance? I couldn’t care less about playing UND, but one thing that would ignite the flames of rivalry again would be meeting in the playoffs. I can easily wait until that ever happens.

  35. UND doesn’t give NDSU any exposure. History aside, thats become clear since UND quit. NDSU gets exposure when they play an OOC game against an opponent from a complimentary or national market. The Bison already have all the Dakota games they need.

  36. Until or if they are in the same conference this game will never be played every year rotating between Fargo and GF. That is the only way it would make sense and that isn’t happening anytime soon.

  37. Other sports that play lots of games are fine but football games are limited and they are a real big deal. There is no equivilsncy between the sports they have played and football. NDSU might as well be asking for a hockey game.

    • NDSU, UND, SDSU and USD should be playing football EVERY YEAR!

      • Sorry, UND is not part of any Dakota college athletic conference. They have no stake in Dakota college athletics except as an outsider. They are Out of Confrence, OOC.

  38. Seriously….if this happens, and if we get a UND/NDSU football game, is one of the persons on here who is against it or swears it’s not important going to actually protest it, not show up to the game, or say it’s a bad thing? It’s more fun than playing another D2 team at the Dome guys.

  39. Show me the money. UND can put up or shut up. A home game for the Bison or a road game at UND, hmm doesn’t make sense financially. Unless say UND pulls out their checkbook, for say 300 to 400g and we will skip the FBS game that year to play UND.

    The way I see it, UND only will sell out the alerus if NDSU is in town, NDSU will sell out for every game no matter who their opponent.

    So good luck to UND, I hope your football team starts winning its conference. I hope your fans start focusing on National Championship Tournament appearances and National Championships, not on whom they used to play regularly.

    Go BISON!!

  40. at this point and time we really don’t need to re-kindle any rivalry between und and ndsu, we have traveled our path and und theirs, each of their own choosing. i would say let the rivalry re-ignite when we play each other in the championship playoffs. until then, to each their own, the past has left us for each team! believe me, i am old enough to remember long into the past, and i can say without hesitation i have moved past the old trophy and rivalry, i believe don’t look in the rearview mirror, each team should move forward until we cross paths in the future- (playoffs). when that day comes it will be good for both teams! until then go bison!

  41. UND and NDSU will eventually play when they deserve to – in the playoffs. Hopefully it won’t end up like the UND/UofMN hockey where the NCAA seems to like them facing early in the playoffs. No one is going to like it when UND/NDSU get matched up early in the playoffs just because the travel costs will be nill. But that’s probably what will happen. UND will have trouble getting it at home ever if the NCAA allows bids for non-#1 seeds early in the playoffs. I’m not predicting when UND get into the playoffs, but I think most fans realize that NDSU will not have the same success forever. Injuries, transfers, weather, etc. all tend to bring unforeseen results. So I’ll watch when it happens, because they will both be quality teams then.

  42. Note to Gene Taylor: Please fill the football schedule for the next 10 years. That way the Fargo and Grand Forks media types can “move on”.

  43. Pretty solid day for #Bison Media Blog; one post on #NDSU-#UND football gets 106 responses, guess no one cares about the game! #FCSFootball


    So please dont still the pot.

  44. The Bison have plenty of good teams they can play in preparation for another title run. Why should they be expected to play the team that ended the series in the first place?

  45. How about playing game in MSP at neutral site field. Should be able to attract 60K with all of alumni in the area for both schools.

    • This is about the dumbest thing a person can say. There is no way in hades that two ND schools are playing in MN. Noone would allow it.. Logically think about what you said for a minute. Two public state schools would never go to MN, because all that would happen is MPS bars, hotels, U of M, and the area would be getting North Dakota money. The economics of this decision are delusional.

  46. This is lame. Why do fans of both schools suddenly turn into 5 year olds when talking football? Unreal

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