Date With The Dance

NDSU used a six run first inning to lead them to a first Summit League Tournament Championship.

The unprecedented roll of 2013-14 continued for NDSU athletics on Saturday afternoon in Sioux Falls, already the site of a great Bison victory in March, the school added another when the NDSU baseball team steamrolled Western Illinois 9-0 in the Summit League championship game to earn the school’s first trip to the Division 1 Baseball Tournament.

The game was over after the first inning thanks to a Michael Leach 2-run single followed up by a John Skrbec grand slam. Skrbec who came into the game hitting .186 with no home runs picked the best time to hit his first, NDSU was up 6-0 after one and never looked back. Freshman pitcher Reed Pfannestein, who was named Summit League pitcher of the week last week, did himself one better, going 8.1 innings, allowing no runs and striking out six. Pfannestein was named tournament MVP. Nick Altavilla, David Ernst, Jon Hechtner, Leach and Parker Trewin were named to the all-tournament team.

This was a huge win for NDSU, as written previously how the last two years went in the title game. It’s the first trip for the Bison since 1969 when they qualified as a Division 2 team and won two games before losing to Missouri State. It’s been a long process for Tod Brown since coming to Fargo in 2007, a gradual progression from 15 wins to 40 a couple years ago and now an NCAA berth.

Just a few words on this school year for NDSU. Nine conference/tournament championships is unheard of, but that’s exactly what the Bison have done this year. Football, men’s basketball, softball, baseball, wrestling, women’s cross-country, women’s indoor track and men’s and women’s track. Hard to imagine another school having that kind of dominance in one year.

Reminder: NCAA Baseball Selection Show airs Monday at 11am on ESPNU; follow Kendall James on Twitter; he updates brackets regularly between now and Monday.

16 thoughts on “Date With The Dance

  1. Congrats and outstanding job to the Baseball Team. The Football Team winning 3 National Championships in a row does not make me want to move up to FBS, but when Athletics has success across the Board, that is the time to consider. No sense moving up when only one Sport is successful. Now to maintain the current success. What a great Year in Bison Athletics. Congrats to all.

  2. What amazing success for NDSU athletics this year.

    Who could have imagined when the DI transition started that women’s basketball and volleyball would be the biggest disappointments in such a pinnacle year??

  3. Seems odd that an athletic director (administrator) feels the need to take credit for the success of the athletes and coaching staff this year. People forget that he is the same guy that keeps Lynn Dorn around. Someone’s ego is getting too big for Fargo. NDSU is bigger than an AD. Just like it’s bigger than a head coach. It’s about the program.

    • I did not see where Gene Taylor is taking credit for all the success. Did I miss something? or are you a disgruntled Sue fan who is frustrated at UND lack of success. Stir the pot baby.

        • As someone who works with students with disabilities in a public school, I find your comment about “special ed” extremely insensitive. I believe that comments such as yours should not go by with no feedback.

  4. Special Ed, and 10x better than the lowly Big Sky in every way. UND should just be an independent, all that matters for them is 1 win vs NDSU and their season is a success. I’ll take a meaningless loss to UND and ncaa Berths any day of the week. Year of the Bison, I’ll buy that video.

  5. #1 NDSU should be in the mountain west. There is no doubt about that. Every ncaa team flies anyways what’s the difference!

    #2 summit is a good mid major D1 conf that NDSU is dominating, we’ve proven that now it’s time for gene and Dean to openly start campaigning for the mountain west starting next weekend at thier presidents meetings.

    #3. Congrats to these athletes they have been remarkable & dedicated!

    • 1st Step: Gene Taylor should get paid the equivalent of a MAC or Mountain West salary for AD’s.

        • I think your AD should stay at NDSU and retire, work on getting an invite to the mountain west and really go out with a bang in the next 5-10 years. There is zero reason why NDSU cant be the next “Boise State” become a regional school & get it done.

        • No its not all him, but he has done a great job.

          I don’t mind losing him to Big 10 or Big 12 type school but not to a Bowling Green or Wyoming type of school.

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