NDSU Takes 14th

North Dakota State wrapped up its track season on Thursday in Eugene, Oregon at the NCAA Championships. Deborah John and Antoinette Goodman competed in the 110 hurdles and 200 meters respectively, each did not advance to the championship round. The 4 x 400 relay team had a solid race, running 3:35.36, about three seconds slower than their qualifying and school record time at the NCAA regional a couple weeks ago. Big E, Eric Peterson is in Eugene and caught up with some members of the relay team and head coach Ryun Godfrey.

11 thoughts on “NDSU Takes 14th

  1. Disappointing maybe but when you consider 14th in all of Division 1 that is amazing. Great year for the Bison. That would like Football getting a New Year’s Day Bowl game or Basketball getting to the sweet 16 a lot of majors don’t get to that level.

  2. Great finish to a great athletic year for not only Track and Field but all of NDSU Athletics. The future is certainly bright for years to come. All Hail the Bison. The March is On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pretty impressive considering that is all of Division 1, no subdivision but all of Division 1. How many schools in NCAA Division 1? Flat out impressed. No need to be disappointed – just enjoy it!

  4. Would have been great fun to see the 4X400 in the finals but there is absolutely no shame in the performance they turned in. It’s been great watching their progress, continually breaking school records all season long. 3:32, WOW!!! And they consistently beat the Gophers, AWESOME! I live in Mpls. but I will always be a Bison fan first. Also, so proud of Laura Roesler representing both Oregon and North Dakota so well tonight. Congratulations to her, likely North Dakota’s most successful track athlete ever. (Now, that’s how you open a can of worms.)

  5. Not coming close to qualifying for any finals, and still 14th place? Is 14th the worst could’ve done, based on number of national meet qualifiers?

    • The NDSU women’s 4X400m relay team took 14th, not the entire NDSU women’s track team.

  6. 14th out of 120 D1 colleges ain’t bad. Neither is 19th like John and Goodman got.

  7. Thanks for clarifying…. Wow, I never would’ve guessed John Goodman to get 19th in a race!!

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