Bison Video Blog: Top moments of 2013-2014 – #6

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack as they countdown the top 10 moments from NDSU Athletics 2013-2014 season.

12 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Top moments of 2013-2014 – #6

  1. Jeff, you made a very ignorant comment about Minnesota softball players. Paraphrasing: “they’re just not as good as California players, they’re just not!”.

    You might want to check the roster of the University of *Minnesota* softball team. You know, the team that beat the Bison (twice) and won the regional??

    12 out of their 19 players are from … yep, Minnesota! Including All American pitcher Sara Moulton.

      • If Lynn Dorn got AD I think you would see a HUGE angry outcry from Teamakers.

        • And heaven forbid the team makers get angry! They might do …. something! Yeah! Watch out!

      • It wasn’t too long ago that Dorn was reprimanded. It will be an outside hire from a good athletic department.

  2. Will the Bison maintain a Mens AD and a Womens AD in the future? Taylor is being replaced. If Dorn left, would she be replaced with a Women’s AD?

    • My opinion is that the position should be renamed to something like “Senior Associate Athletic Director – Women’s Athletics”. That would be more appropriate.

      There is only one athletic director in the NDSU athletic department.

    • Why? They seem to be doing just fine if you ask me. Are you a TM? Do you donate to NDSU? If not you have no skin in the game!

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