Bison Video Blog: Top moments of 2013-2014 – #4

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack as they count down the top 10 moments from NDSU athletics 2013-2014 season.

9 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Top moments of 2013-2014 – #4

  1. Really ??? #4
    Bohl leaving wouldn’t of even made my top 20
    there were much better stories than that

    • Yeah, that’s what happens when you let sports reporters pick the top 10. Start a blog, post your list.

    • Longest tenured coach in Bison football history, 3 National championships and numerous wins against FBS teams, Bohl will be fondly remembered when fans look back at this era of Bison football.

  2. Even though you technically said that #4 is the crazy 36 hours of Bohl leaving, it looks like you snuck Gene Taylor leaving for Iowa in there at the end (which did not happen in said 36 hour period).

    Fine with me! Taylor leaving needed to be mentioned too.

    So that makes me wonder if you’re going to do another two fer in the remaining three segments.

    There seem to be at least four major storylines that need to be covered in the top ten:
    – win over Kansas State that got national media attention, got GameDay to Fargo and started the ball rolling massively on the undefeated, national title season
    – GameDay in Fargo
    – undefeated, national title season
    – March Madness win

    My guess is you’ll package the K-State win and GameDay together as #3. Then March Madness win as #2. Then football undefeated, 3rd national title in a row as #1.

    If #1 and #2 are switched, there will be hell to pay!

  3. The real story here was the maturity level the players to stay focused and the reported hard feelings by the coach who didn’t want one of his assistants get promoted. This one should have been #10 because coach Bohl accomplished a lot while he was here unfortunately he will also be remembered how left.
    Dom when you took the job @WDAY did you envision a year of reporting like this year? I left Fargo 20 years ago lived in 2 major college towns Syracuse and Mlps I don’t remember a year like this one. Keep up the great work looks like your having fun.

  4. So there’s only 3 spots left and there’s still Kansas State win in football, Gameday in Fargo, FCS National Championship Game, and Oklahoma win in NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. There’s a snub in there somewhere….

  5. Would have to agree with Silent Bob. Unless you’re combining events, there is no way you leave any of these four events out and they need to be right at the top.

  6. Oklahoma win in the big dance trumps ALL. NDSU was talk of the nation for 1 full day on every sports channel sports tall show and newspaper it’s not even close the amount of exposure that 1 game gave NDSU and state of north dakota

    • Gameday is #1 and it is not even close. OU win was great but Gameday trumps that easily.

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