14 To Watch In 2014: #12 – CJ Smith

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack as they preview 14 NDSU football players to watch as we head into the 2014-2015 season.

7 thoughts on “14 To Watch In 2014: #12 – CJ Smith

  1. Nice pick at #12. CJ doesn’t have quite the flare that Marcus Williams had but I think he could be just as dominate at corner. CJ may be more fundamentally sound and doesn’t gamble as much as Marcus did so he will be a solid anchor in that backfield.

  2. Either you’re filming more than one Video Blog session in one day or Kolpack is doing the sniff check each morning – and wearing the same shirt. My guess is he has a very keen sense of smell. :)

    • A key will be whoever CBs the other side, That’s probably where most of the throws will go. And a great pass rush will take the pressure off the cover guys. Stating the obvious.

  3. Shermer didn’t make any sense. But I suppose he has an excuss being from Alabama.

  4. CJ’s INT in the natty was clutch, it broke Towson’s back. Big time play on a big stage!

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