14 To Watch In 2014: #10 – Joe Haeg

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack as they preview 14 NDSU football players to watch as we head into the 2014-2015 season.

6 thoughts on “14 To Watch In 2014: #10 – Joe Haeg

  1. Joe has all the skills in the world. It’s all about mental and technique. I worry v more about the whole unit not gelling quickly but this o line has capable athletes

  2. The o-line will be the difference this year. They are the ones that need time to develop the positive I see is that they have been with Carson in practice going against the best D in FCS. They have had time to gel but need to convert from practice to games. The one thing that should have been learned from the last few years is not to panic if a mistake is made forget it because the teammates behind them are capable of making up for the mistake as long as they do their jobs. Iowa State will be a good test and mistakes will be made just learn from them and remember this is their first game too

  3. Four new starters, but didn’t they get a good amount of playing time through the season last year. Seems the coaching philosophy was to keep rotating fresh guys in. Remembering that no other college team has played more football than the Bison over the last 4 years.

  4. If I heard the name Joe Haeg and associated with football. I would assume he was an offensive line player. Joe plow the road and be offensive this year. Stay healthy.

  5. We’ll try this again. My posts always get moderated and many times do not appear.

    The OL did not rotate last year like the DL did so there is a lack of game time experience. With that said, Plankers did start a game when Gimmey was hurt. Hinz played really well as a true freshman in the 2010 playoffs after Lund broke his leg but has been injury prone. The rest of the guys have gotten some mop up duty but those are not quality game time experiences in my opinion.

    Lechler will likely be the RT, but the OGs are still in limbo. Kuhnert, Schueller, Ziemer and Zac Johnson were all getting snaps, so I question whether or not they have had a chance to really jell in practice. That happens only when the starting unit is set and they get repitition together over and over again.

    The OL will be tested against the Clones. I expect a lot of false starts and other penalties that first game while the kinks get worked out, and this is a tough opponent to do that with.

  6. O-line is the one area that is hard to interchange players to give breathers. Maybe I’m wrong but in practice wouldn’t the 2nd string go against the first string defense and this is where they would get their reps? No doubt practice isn’t the same game experience but this is where they get the chance to gel. As we have found out over the last couple of years when substitutions are made they were ready to play. That is what good coaching does they put players in the position to succeed. No doubt there first game will be tough but don’t they start practice earlier this year which will help.

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