Bison Video Blog: Final Interview With Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor’s time with NDSU is over, he begins his new job as deputy athletic director at Iowa on Monday, but he stopped by the WDAY Studios late last week to visit with Jeff and me on a variety of topics from the move up to Division 1 to what is the biggest concern for the next AD. It’s divided into two parts, enjoy!



19 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Final Interview With Gene Taylor

  1. My favorite memory of Gene Taylor happened just this last March at the Summit League tourney men’s basketball championship game. My group was sitting behind the basket and Gene got up from his seat behind the bench in the 2nd half to go stand by the rail where we were at so he could barely see the court but had easy access to a light traffic back hallway. Several times he had to leave the court to go let of some steam in that hallway as the game was coming down to the wire. As a fan it really allowed you to relate to an AD who was so emotionally invested but who realized he had no control over the outcome of that game. I doubt they’ll be able to find a guy who can fill his shoes but he’s left the department in a place where it’s primed for sustained success. Thanks Gene and best of luck going forward.

  2. Gene and Chapman wanted fbs right away dam just think how popular ndsu would’ve been by now 10 years later!

    It’s still time Hire David Crum & make the move with his fundraising abilities

  3. Gene is gone and I, for one, hope his replacement will have some regard for tradition and make the Bison/UND football renewal a reality. It was long the greatest sporting event in the state and can be again.

    Question: On Sept. 13th UND is playing at Missouri state. The Bison are playing their first home game against Incarnate Word (sorry, never heard of them). Why couldn’t NDSU and UND have scheduled a game at the Dome or Alures ? Couldn’t work out the technicalities like a 1hour bus ride up or down the interstate?

    • I’m so sick and tired of hearing about a UND game. The older people want it, the younger people don’t care. I went 3-4 NDSU/UND games when I was at SU. Yea, they were fun but I would take a UNI or SDSU game any day over playing the Sue. The decision should be between the schools and the AD’s. If it’s in the best interest of the schools, then it will happen. Otherwise quit hanging on to the past!

      • What is the future? Ferris and Delaware st last year and Incarnate World this year? What other state has two major universities that don’t regularly play each other. Florida/Florida st, Kansas/Kansas st., Michigan/Michigan st., USC/UCLA. etc.,etc. What if university officials in any of these states where acting like those in ND? Would the people of the state stand by and let these great rivalries die? Remember President Brisconi (or whatever his name is), Gene Taylor, Craig Bohl and likely their counter parts up north are not native North Dakotans. They come and go. While they are here they have great success but destroy a great tradition. Next time you are at the Dome look at those blown up pictures of early Bison football. The first was 1894 and the caption reads “the tradition begins” Who is on the other side if the line from AC?

    • Funny you should mention that, I wonder why they couldn’t play 10 years ago. Maybe you should go ask Roger Thomas. Remember UND was the school to end the rivalry, not NDSU. UND should have made the move with NDSU, should have continued to schedule NDSU, but no they refused and now they are the ones whining for a game because they can’t fill the Alerus with any other opponent. Hope NDSU never schedules them again!

    • The best sporting events are when the Bison host the FCS playoffs in the FargoDome. The Semi-Finals have produced a couple of exciting games.

      The best FCS games the Bison have been involved in have been with UNI and Georgia Southern.

      The team from up north refuses to play a guarantee game in Fargo. They expect the Bison to return to the north and play in a smaller venue against a team that is far worse than the worst teams in the MVFC.

      • Yes, officials at both schools are playing tit-for-tat. Time for them to grow up. If they don’t perhaps the governor or state legislature should step in. They are both taxpayer funded institutions.

        • If the team from up north wants to play NDSU they can do so for a guarantee when the Bison need another home game.

          With where NDSU is in FCS it is pointless to travel to the north to play a game and help the team up north in its quest for relevancy.

        • NO!!! The governor, nor Legislature, need to be involved with the decision! The schools decide what the schedule is, not the government. If that’s the case then let the gov’t decide what classes are offered, what to eat for lunch, who teaches classes, etc. It’s not that hard to understand.

        • Or, the Whioux could make the playoffs! Do it the way NDSU did it, no whining, just put your nose to the grindstone and get it done. Make the playoffs, NDSU will be there waiting. Problem solved!

  4. With Bison ties at Iowa the FCS games I believe will still be in play in the B10. They need to articulate and change opinions in the conference. The Gophers are getting better and my guess when Kill feels that the time is right he will want to play the Bison again because there is value in playing these games. I go back to the first game with the Gophers it was the Gophers that wanted that game and Bohl had to be convinced because he wasn’t sure if they were ready to make that leap to this level.

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