16 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Back for 2014 – Iowa State opener preview

  1. Jeff,

    You are right on about EWU. I said to the guy next to me in the bar, “NDSU will win another NC because EWU is probably the best team other an NDSU, but NDSU’s defense would stop them cold. All of that underneath crap that went for big yards for EWU would be eliminated by our linebackers and Heagle.

  2. Agree with Jeff and the returners on defense. Yes we have changes on both lines but these guys got a chance to learn from some pretty good players. I think IS will control the line but our secondary will make the plays. The seniors are not going to let the streak be broken. Defense will win this game and I think our offense will be the surprise of the game. The ground that is shaking is not a earthquake but the Herd making their mark.

    • I think we see some trickery from the Bison as well. They always save sneaky plays for the big games.

  3. Big surprise to me that Plankers got beat out by Kelly. I thought Jack was a lock. Wow. Who’s the LG?

  4. Good job guys!

    There will be some growing pains but this team will be very good. I agree with Jeff on the defense. Both SHSU’s and EWU’s defenses looked pathetic at best.

    In regards to Iowa State. Their offense will not be running on all cylinders for the 1st game, so I will say our defense will be just fine. The advantage will be our offense against their very mediocre defense. Run the ball and play good defense = WIN

    Bison win 31-17

  5. If NDSU can contain Bibbs and get pressure on Richardson this should be a Bison win. If the defensive line struggles to get pressure it could be a long day. I think they get it done though 31-21 Bison!

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