Bison Video Blog: A Tease For Saturday

The season is drawing closer, we nearly had our first FCS upset of the season pulled off by Abilene Christian over Georgia State tonight, but the Panthers pulled it out to win their first ever FBS game. Our first round of selections are listed below as is a special preview to Saturday’s return of the Bison PreGame Show!!

                                                                    DOM  (1-0)                 JEFF (1-0)

  • Missouri State at Northwestern St.     Mo State                    Mo. State
  • Valparaiso at Western Illinois              WIU                           WIU
  • Chattanooga at Central Michigan        Chatt.                        CMU
  • Eastern Illinois at Minnesota                UM                            UM
  • Cal Poly at New Mexico St.                 NMSU                        NMSU
  • UND at San Jose State                       SJSU                         SJSU
  • Villanova at Syracuse                          Nova                          Syr

2 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: A Tease For Saturday

  1. •Missouri State at Northwestern St. – Hope Missouri State has good showing for the Valley.
    •Valparaiso at Western Illinois – Better be Western Illinois
    •Chattanooga at Central Michigan – Central Michigan
    •Eastern Illinois at Minnesota – Better be Minnesota, laugh if it wouldn’t
    •Cal Poly at New Mexico St. – Cal Poly
    •UND at San Jose State – San Jose State
    •Villanova at Syracuse – Carrier Dome comes through, Syracuse

    Bison beat Iowa State

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