Bison Video Blog: ISU wrap up, Weber State preview

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the latest Bison Video Blog. Jeff and Dom share final thoughts on Saturday’s dominating performance by the Bison and look forward to this weekend’s game against the Wildcats of Weber State.

18 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: ISU wrap up, Weber State preview

  1. FBS Coaches who are on hotseat and did not have a winning season will not schedule NDSU period. They may schedule UND or SDSU but not NDSU….so we got to look at Purdue, Michigan or Indiana

    • Those are B1G teams so they’re out. Pretty much the only FBS games are gonna be the top tier B12, SEC or PAC12 teams. I think NDSU could have hung with Mizzou on Saturday if not won. Wouldn’t mind a game against them or Texas, Oklahoma, Okie State, Texas AM, TTech, etc. Don’t see much to gain from Pac 12 games or the Bama’s or Florida’s.

  2. I would look at the Pac12 schools plus I think when Kill feels that his team is ready and they are not that far away will look at the Bison just to show the Gopher fans how far he has brought the program.

  3. Remember the stories in the media last week were how Iowa State was benefiting from NDSU having a whole new coaching staff and losing so many great players including the starting QB. The Bison were still able to dominate a Big XII school with a bunch of new in the program.

    What is the situation on the defensive line, how many defensive ends are on the roster available to play? How many do play? It sounds like only 3 this week and typically 4.

    How many interior defensive linemen? What about Farnloff?

    It also sounds like not much rotation at linebacker. Does Klieman plan on rotating the younger guys in during games when in doubt or will he play them when there is an injury or the game is in hand?

    • I would think the next couple of games we’ll see a little more rotation with the younger guys on defense. Especially at linebacker. Iowa State was a little bigger stage so it’s understandable that the core linebackers stayed on the field a majority of the game.

      The D-Line played really well but we are young and thin at that position.

  4. Excellent discussion guys. Kolpack I just realized if you get some glasses and a fedora you would look like Heisenberg

  5. An already thin DL already got thinner with Hardie’s injury. Only three interior DL playing also concerns me. I would like to see Farnlof start to produce.

  6. Why not try to schedule Mountain West or MId-American teams? I doubt the SEC would be interested; maybe Pac 12.

  7. With some glasses and a fedora, Dom would look just like the sports guy on Channel 6.

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