A Closer Look At Weber State

Weber State’s recent football history isn’t anything to brag about, but the Wildcats are hoping an overhaul to the coaching staff will bring them back into Big Sky contention. Jay Hill was hired away from Utah in December to try and start a turnaround, he was an assistant with the Utes for the past 13 seasons and brought plenty of FBS experience with him. He also brought transfers, eight from FBS schools, most notably quarterback Billy Green from BYU. The Wildcats have struggled the last three years winning just nine games, and five of those came in 2011. Most will remember after the 2011 season when WSU hired John L. Smith, a Weber grad to guide the team, but then left in April to take the Arkansas job after Bobby Petrino was fired. Jody Sears took over and won just two games each of the last two years and was let go after the season.

WSU is not that far removed from being a playoff team, the Wildcats made back to back trips to the postseason in 2008-09, sharing the Big Sky title in 2008, winning a first round game against Cal Poly, before losing to Montana in the 2nd round, then returned in 2009 losing to William and Mary in the first round.

¬†Weber State has been good at home lately, winning five of their last six home openers, it’s been a while since they’ve hosted the number one team in the nation; 2002 was the last time, Montana came to Ogden and won 39-7.
NDSU and Weber State haven’t played in nearly ten years, the Bison won at Weber State 31-17 in 2004 and then got the Wildcats again 41-0 in 2005, the highlights of the 2004 game are below.¬†

14 thoughts on “A Closer Look At Weber State

  1. It may or may not be a blowout, but I figure as long as the Bison keep their heads about them, it should be a solid win.

    Looking forward to it.

  2. So there is a game against a Big Fluffy team with a new head coach who just achieved a monumental moral victory against a FBS team.

    Who are we playing?

  3. If its not more of a blow out than that I’ll be disappointed. I watched the ASU game last Thursday and the NDSU game on Saturday and think anything other than 52-3 means we had a bad special teams play or a missed tackle.

  4. Wow, their best highlights is their loss to a team wearing white and yellow, are they proud about that ?

    Rest the seniors and start the freshman.

  5. 0 hype for this game anywhere. Talk on B-ville and Weber St board is impossible to find. Can’t wait for Incarnate Word.

  6. This will be a good test to see how the team reacts….its easy to get down for a game. I hope to see the same attitude as playing FBS ISU to playing a lower tier big fluffy. I am sure CK has it in their head that SU is everyone Superbowl. Also, it will be interesting to see if the coaching staff has overcome their first game jitters. I would expect a few rough spots, but overall improvement. Not to high…not to low….keep an even keel and go to work!

  7. KInda similar caliber team to Delaware State last year. Work out the timing/clock issues, and then put the 2nd stringers in the 2nd half.

  8. With the fcs none of the games Intrique me. Iowa state was a blast big 12 atmosphere there rest bore me. This division is beneath ndsu time to move up please we have already proven ourselves!

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