Another Look at Gameday

We’ve seen what ESPN did, some great videos and photos over the past 24 hours; I captured some video detailing the day we had with the blog, wanted to share some of it with you readers of the blog, hope you enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Another Look at Gameday

  1. The Gameday thing was great. I was very impressed with espn as they have had a reputation of east coast snobbery. They did a great job and the whole thing was darn near perfect. Every one of the celebs seemed very cool and easy going and friendly. Samantha Ponder took some abuse by some putz near us, but she was an awesome sport. I don’t think you could have had a more perfect weather day. It was a blast.

    • I happened to see Sam Ponder talking with David Pollack before his last segment looking for some consolation. She might have kept her cool then but I think it affected her later. She was visibly upset. I was wondering how it would be in the heart of MN Vikings country with her husband being who he is. Overall, an awesome day and the talent was a bunch of great sports for a memorable morning in little ol Fargo.

  2. It was a great day for NDSU, the Bison football team, the community, and hell, the state of ND.

    And I learned something. I was unaware ESPN had an east coast snobbery. Interesting.

  3. It was great to watch GameDay live from Fargo last Saturday, but how did the UND banners hanging from the condos on Broadway and Cobber troll trophy make the show? ESPN did a really great piece on Coach Bohl that aired on the GameDay segment.

  4. I don’t understand the thinking of people that think its ok to talk smack when all the ESPN crew was doing is highlighting the program. The idiot that thought it was funny to bring Ponders play into the conversation totally classless. Gee I wonder how she feels about Fargo, I bet she is one that won’t be back to the area anytime soon.

  5. Did they ever end up with an attendance figure for the ESPN Game Day broadcast?

    I saw some clips of fans tailgating at the dome and watching it on TV instead of showing up downtown. That is a little disappointing.

    I’m a bit surprised they didn’t have a story on the little boy that just returned to Fargo after his double lung transplant. That is exactly the type of story they usually have.

  6. If you’ve ever watched game day, you know that people always bring banners or flags to support other schools. a Washington huskies flag has appeared at 158 straight game day shows, and a friend was there Saturday in Fargo carrying on their tradition.

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