Be honest (or at least fake like you’re trying): Wentz vs. Goff, who do you take?

Be honest (or at least fake like you’re trying): Wentz vs. Goff, who do you take?

The Guy Who Knows Football laughed on the phone when I asked him about that argument of Carson Wentz not playing FBS-type level of competition. The GWKF evaluates talent for a living and pointed to Wentz’s first start in 2014 at Iowa State. It was one of the best debuts he’d ever seen and there was no doubt from that point that he belonged at any level. So when it comes to the Wentz vs. Jared Goff argument on who should be the No. 1 quarterback taken, the GWKF said there is no question in the NFL circles that Wentz has the edge in almost every category that a team can judge and that the level of play in this case shouldn’t matter.

If the Los Angeles Rams pass on Wentz and take Goff, then it’s because the franchise has no guts, he said. He used a more derogatory term but you get the picture. And I suppose that’s true when you take into account that the No. 1 overall pick has started just a year and a half and has been injury prone with an ankle sprain in 2014, another foot ailment in the season opener at Montana that affected his throwing and of course the wrist injury. On the other hand, rarely does a pro prospect pass every test thrown his way, which Wentz has done starting with the FCS title game. Bison head coach Chris Klieman firmly believes that was the start of it, the leadership quality to drive a team to a championship after being out that long.

Wentz vs. Goff: Who would you take? Granted this is a site that covers Bison football, but try to be honest about your assessment. I’m going with Wentz because the guys who know football, especially The Guy Who Knows Football, say he’s the better player.

It appears the Rams have their mind pretty much made up, but are not showing their hand. I’m going with the theory they’re not doing that because the NFL doesn’t want them to do that, therefore leaving some suspense, and drawing more viewers, to the NFL Draft show on April 28. No. 11 on the current Rams roster is fourth-year wide receiver Tavon Austin from West Virginia, who’s got some cred with 123 receptions in the last three years. Does anybody know if the No. 1 overall gets his pick of number? If not, Wentz to me seems like a double-digit number guy, was at Bismarck Century and at NDSU, and the openings right now with the Rams are 13, 16 and 19. In the spirit of Brock Jensen, I’m betting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be holding a Rams jersey with No. 16 on it and Wentz by his side after the first round pick is announced.

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