Bison PostGame Show vs Coastal Carolina

Well it certainly seemed like NDSU handled things well on Saturday as the Bison raced out to a 17-0 lead on Coastal Carolina and never looked back from there. The Bison offense was terrific, racking up 623 yards the most by an NDSU team since 2007. NDSU reached the semifinals for the third straight year and will host New Hampshire Friday night at 7. Jeff, E and I break down the game and offer some thoughts as NDSU moves into the final four.

14 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Coastal Carolina

  1. It’s going to be Eastern Washington-NDSU. Though it after week one when they both upset FBS teams. Thought it coming into the playoffs. It’s destiny. Probably been destiny for these seniors since that game in Cheney back in 2010. This team is too experienced and too tough to let the Bohl circus distract them. And to be fair that blew up more because of social media. I do believe it would have been done in a better way but it’s the Twitter era and everyone is trying to scoop everyone these days.

    And Eastern Illinois was overrated. Maybe Towson can give EWU problems but I don’t think think they lose on the red turf. Granted they did to Sam Houston last year but Sam Houston was far more battle tested. I want Eastern. I think everyone in Bison Nation wants Eastern. It would be a great game.

    Thank God football won. Didn’t have any doubts but it would have been the ultimate downer on a day that was pretty rough on NDSU athletics beyond it. Wrestling fought hard but lost at home to #12 Iowa State. Didn’t expect the men’s hoops team to win at #3 Ohio State, but kinda thought they had enough to make the Bucks sweat. Still, otherwise a good week for them and a GREAT week for the Summit League, with NDSU getting the best win at Notre Dame, SDSU dominating a Belmont team that beat North Carolina, and Denver winning at Colorado State. Tough for NDSU tonight but the league is really improving and going to be a lot of fun to watch.

    Then of course there’s the women’s hoops trainwreck. Thought they’d maybe turned a corner. So much for that. Ughhhh…..

  2. The cc qb was right. The dome was quieter than normal because it was clear one quarter in that this was a total mismatch. Most dominating performance I have seen from the bison. Brock is the best qb in fcs hands down

  3. Coach Bohl looked a little tired or edgy in the press conference after the game. I know he may have been tired answering the distraction question but your team just crushed the opponent enjoy it. I don’t think he smiled once the whole time. I guess this was the most subdued I have ever seen him.

  4. CC QB says it was louder at Montana, but what he left out was that his head was ringing a lot more after leaving the Dome.

  5. Agree with Jon pretty hard to yell your lungs out when the game was over so early. It did seem pretty loud on tv at the beginning of the game. At least there was a noticeable difference whether we were on defense or offense.

  6. Early prediction for next week vs. UNH…….another blowout.
    This team is hitting all cylinders now.
    It would be awesome to see #34 comeback !!!!!!!!!!

    • Would be nice, unless he hurts himself even worse. I skipped knee surgery back in my day to be able to play basketball playoffs. 15 years later, and I am still suffering for it. Luckily (I hope) the Sanford trainers are looking out for his well-being. Bohl looks hesitant as well.

      But agreed, to see him in that Championship game would be great.

  7. I have been watching Bison football since 1969. This game was one of the most dominant performances from start to finish that I have seen from a Bison football team in some time. You have to go back to the dominant 1986 team to have watched anything similar. This was a really fun game. With a 31 and 34 pt margin of victory in the first two playoff games, I hope the Bison can keep it going although UNH is going to be a much more physical team than what they have played thus far.

  8. No comment from Jeff about how he practically nailed his pregame prediction of 48-17 Bison?

  9. A very wise football guy who sits in front of me at the Dome (who has two NDSU letters as an offensive lineman) said it really isn’t fair to other teams to let Brock Jensen audible. Time after time yesterday he pointed out how #16 would change the play at the line when he saw Coastal line up or shift into a different set. Then he’d just embarrass them with a different play. Best examples were Ojuri’s long TD run and the naked boot to the right side.

    We all know that the NDSU staff could not have seen that ability when they recruited Jensen all those years ago but they sure do deserve a lot of credit for seeing the ability and continuing to school him up into the top-notch QB that he has become.

    Two more wins, guys. Then a whole new era begins. And one of those wins will allow everybody – especially our quarterback – to avenge a painful call and loss three years ago on the frozen red turf in Cheney, Washington.

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