Bison PostGame Show vs Furman

Sorry for the delay on this one folks, obvious with the coaching news of the last 24 hours, but here’s the Postgame show from Saturday.

TWO DISCLAIMERS: NCAA rules prohibit us from showing any highlights of the NDSU-Furman game and 2nd this was recorded before the news that Craig Bohl had taken the Wyoming job.

4 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Furman

  1. This post-game show was posted so late and no highlights.

    I’m getting a bit irritated with this “there is no good time to make an announcement like this” drivel. True enough but sometimes (like after the season is over) would be better than when it did come out. It would be bad news at anytime but it comes out when the team is driving for another trip to Frisco. The worst possible time is chosen and I get the feeling no effort was made to keep it under wraps. It has to be somewhat disruptive. Bohl doesn’t us any apologies but I hope he apologized to his players since they found out about it the same way we did.

    One other thought, I hope Taylor offers to Brent Vigen. He has been an assistant for 16 years and would think he would want a head coaching opportunity at his alma- mater. Being a former player from the ’90s he remebers the great Bison-Sioux rivalry and might do whatever he could to get the Nickel Trophy dusted off.

    • Yikes…First of all, NDSU isn’t the only university involved in this situation. The information was leaked on the Wyoming side, so NDSU DID make every effort to keep it under wraps. We as NDSU fans should feel very fortunate that 1.) Bohl gave us 11 tremendous years, and 2.) Wyoming is even allowing Bohl to finish out the season. That is very unusual. Bohl doesn’t have to be real concerned about making sure that every single fan is ready for this change. Heck, half of the fans that fill the Fargodome now didn’t even come out and support the football team until he was winning, so I’m not sure how some can think that he owes the fans anything more than finishing out the season with NDSU.

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