Bison PostGame Show vs Illinois State

NDSU improved to 9-0 on the season Saturday with a 28-10 win over Illinois State, the 18th straight win for the Bison, but in the process lost a key cog of the team. Starting linebacker Grant Olson, who has played in all 53 games over the past 3 plus years went down with an apparent knee injury and may be lost for the season. Kevin Schnepf, Big E and I break down the game and discuss the loss of Olson in our Postgame show.

10 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Illinois State

  1. You guys are out of sync with reality.

    1) When Olson went down nobody in students were worried like you guys mentioned because we have seen lot of guys rotate in and out of position and, we were confident somebody will step up to the challenge.

    2) Its a long weekend, no classes on Monday so Friday,Saturday,Sunday, Monday (4 days off) most students have either gone home or hunting.

    • I don’t know what student section you were in but everyone around me was freaking out as soon as we saw him on the ground grabbing his knee. I was confident someone would step up but it is still a huge loss.

  2. The strength of the Bison is team play, not individual play. We’ve seen them fight through injuries before and they will again. I was amazed at how tough they were after losing a couple of their best defenders.
    Remember when UNI lost their middle linebacker? They were a totally different team. We didn’t miss a beat. Someone else stepped up when Olson went down and kept the defense clicking as usual. Olson’s leadership on the field will be missed greatly, but the cupboard is not bare.
    The goals for the team can still be reached. Just need to stay away from the injury bug from here on out on defense.
    Go Bison!

  3. If this was Grants last game what a tough way to go out. If there is anyway to get back on the field he will find a way if not no doubt he will be contributing in some way thats what leaders do.
    I just wanted to thank who ever made the arrangement with FSN to show the game. It was great to watch the game here in the cities.

  4. Not sure why you expected a good crowd today? This was a long weekend for students who likely weren’t going to show up. Season ticket holders likely gone deer hunting. Also this game was expected to be an easy win. This is typically the worst weekend of the year for fan attendance and enthusiasm and I thought the crowd was much better than expected.

    • I actually thought the crowed got up a bit after the GO injury (kinda a 12th man understanding the team needed a reminder of its the next man up….not that I think they needed it). I also thought the crowed was good considering the 4 day weekend and Deer opener. With saying that, I do think the crowed gets bored a bit. When you score at will in the first period, everyone kinda figures the game is over and the crowed goes flat.

  5. The difference between this year and last year is Brock is playing very well in the passing game, as is Vraa. This year the offense can put the points up if the defense were to struggle.

    I have to actually see the defense struggle to believe they will. Grant will be able to watch film with the linebacking group and help them prepare like he normally did (if his season is over). We can always pray that Grant has some Garrett Bruhn in his knees and he only misses a game.

    Littlejohn played great when he slid over. He had 10 tackles in the second half. Esley Thorton also played well.

    I still think the Bison are the best team in the MVFC and FCS. I still think to beat the Bison your defense has to do a better job against the Bison offense than the Bison defense does against your offense. At this point I don’t see a FCS team that can do that. I’m still seeing a 3-peat and an undefeated season.

    • I have to agree—I think the CLJ, ET move actually makes us more physical—at least faster. Same thing when we go to .05 and (Go goes out) and Shep. comes on the field. If there was a GSU type team out there I would be more concerned, but from what I have seen there is not.

      We do lose GO’s intangibles (leadership smarts etc)! Yes, that is a blow. However, as we witnessed, he was coaching up the team fresh off an injury, while on crutches.

      Now with saying that—–I hate this injury (more so because of GO and his character. I hate to see his season end like this (if it does).

      I guess my point is that this is not the death blow some in media have suggested it to be. GO and the team will be alright!!!

  6. Holy cow, how many times can one guy spell the word CROWD incorrectly in one post? I guess the answer is 4.

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