Bison PostGame Show vs New Hampshire

What a performance by NDSU, on a night when 24 seniors said goodbye to the Fargodome, the Bison were led by their outstanding senior class, notably Brock Jensen, who recovered after an early pick 6 to throw for three touchdowns and run for another. Leevon Perry, who got his diploma earlier on Friday, continued his fantastic return from a torn ACL with a fumble recovery for a touchdown that sealed an NDSU 52-14 win over New Hampshire and sends the Bison to Frisco, Texas for a chance at three-peat. Jeff Kolpack, Eric Peterson and I break down the game from the Dome.

  • Reminder per NCAA rules, no highlights are allowed on blog.
  • Postgame interviews will be posted shortly with Bison players.

14 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs New Hampshire

  1. Are there any that still say this is not the best Bison team ever? Total domination again even after we tried to spot UNH 14 points. Good coverage by ESPN with nice isolation coverage on Billy Turner. I just think there will be more than Billy playing at the next level my gut says Billy Turner,Sam Ojuri, Marcus Williams,Levon Perry, Brock Jensen, Carlton Littlejohn,and Cole Jerik will get looks whether its being drafted,FA or invited to try out. The additional national coverage is raising the stock of these guys.

  2. Thanks Brock, for the last 4 years! You are a fierce competitor that just knows how to WIN! I played college football 25 years ago and am glad I never had to go up against a guy like you! Thanks again for all you’ve done for BISON football!

    I’m looking forward to watching you and the BISON in Frisco another 60 minutes!in Frisco!

  3. Brock looks better in Green and Gold, TC. Ha.
    Listening to Brock’s interview, even choked up a hard headed veteran like myself.
    This team sure has been fun to watch, but a win in Texas is what we all want to really be choked up about.
    Go Bison.

  4. Jensen is a great leader; I have been very impressed with his performance this year compared to previous seasons; it’s nice hearing humbling comments from him. Does anyone know what he is studying? I personally think it would be unfortunate to see his leadership skills wasted on something as frivolous as professional sports. (commence angry replies now…)

  5. Bison picked up a few votes in the AP top 25 poll. Where do you guys think the Bison rank right now against FBS?

    • Sagarin ratings through 12/14 have NDSU at #23. Three right ahead of the Bison are Southern Cal, Oklahoma & Arizona. Right behind are Louisville, Notre Dame and K-State.

      The next highest FCS team (a week ago) was Eastern Illinois at 42. Towson shows up at 61.

      The University of North Dakota (formerly known as the Sioux) come in at 228.

  6. No comments about Grant Olson? Even if he didn’t contribute, what’s it mean to his teammates to have him suited up and on the field for a few plays. Hope that he keeps getting stronger, and makes a few tackles in Frisco.

    What a stud he is – like so many other seniors on that team.

  7. Senior class is one of a kind.

    Anyplace to see the UNH coach and players interviews after the game?

  8. Sagarin rankings mean jack. It’s delusion at best. Football games aren’t played on a computer. At the end of the day, that and a bowl of soup will get you a full belly.

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