Bison Tracker to Shocker Nation

One of the cool smart phone apps that many Bison fans took a liking to during the FCS national title game in Frisco, Texas was the “Bison Tracker,” which took advantage of the GPS function in the phones and located every Bison fan who downloaded the app. Well, many did, and it showed a wave of people traveling from the Midwest to the Dallas area. It seems Wichita State has the Tracker App bug.

It’s alumni association called NDSU about three weeks ago and wanted to use it for the Missouri Valley Conference basketball tournament. The developer of the app, Tim Brookins, said sure. “We decided this was an important step in our business plan to get other institutions to use the app and provide feedback,” he told the NDSU Alumni Association. “After securing a limited use legal agreement, I am pleased to share that the Shocker Nation apps launched yesterday for android and iPhone.”

Wichita State is now watching their fans migrate and check in for their tourney in St. Louis – as of this morning there were more than 1600 users.  It is also being picked up on the Wichita news and Facebook pages.  Here are a few of the media links:



12 thoughts on “Bison Tracker to Shocker Nation

    • NDSU is not and *never* will be in the MVC. It’s sad that there are still Bison fans who think the MVC is or should be the goal.

      It’s not even a pipe dream.

      You might as well be advocating for NDSU to join the A10 in basketball.

      So stop it. Embrace what the Dakota schools have in the Summit: a path to the NCAA tournaments in the non-football sports. That’s all that matters, for those sports.

      • Wow, did you get out of bed without your positive pillow today? Don’t think anything was even written about joining or being in the MVC for Basketball. I think Old guy was talking about MVC as in MVFC. If you need to, Mr. False, take a nap, it always peps a guy up.

      • But the Bison are in the MVC. Matter of fact they’ve won the last three championships, and national titles, and are not to be demeaned lest they kick your butts should you be foolish enough to schedule them.

  1. Great place to take the Bison Tracker next – to another Midwest school whose fans want to show their commitment. Go Shockers.

    Maybe the next place it can be rolled out would be for Tim Miles’ Huskers in the NCAA tournament.

  2. What a cool idea, the Bison Tracker app was and turned out to be.

    But then again, that’s software for you. Literally all it takes is to have an idea, write a few lines of codes and that’s that.

  3. Missouri Valley isn’t quite what it was with the loss of a couple of the better teams. They have better arenas but the quality of teams outside of Wichita State is down. If the Summit teams keep getting better and the Summit adds another quality program or two there won’t be too big of a difference.

    Is the MVC a one bid or 2 bid league this season?

    • “Is the MVC a one bid or 2 bid league this season?”

      One. I don’t see any other team going unless of course somebody knocks of WS in the MVC tourney. Highly unlikely. WS shouldn’t even be considered a mid-major though.

      The Summit is getting better every year. With the addition of ORU again and better non-con games it should continue to improve it’s RPI. Hopefully one of the teams can win a game or 2 in the NCAA. That would really help push for a 2 bid league. Let’s do it this year. Go Bison!!!!

  4. That is what I am saying about the MVC. How many more quality programs can leave before it is like the WAC. The WAC is a terrible conference with terrible teams but people still would say WAC is a decent conference because of distant history.

  5. Mountain west is where ndsu peer colleges are and where ndsu needs to be.
    Ndsu Colo St wyoming air force Nevada ndsu could win that east division in fball/bball every year!

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