Bison Video Blog: Top moments of 2013-2014 – #3

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack as they count down the top 10 moments from NDSU athletics 2013-2014 season.

10 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Top moments of 2013-2014 – #3

  1. That was a great day for Fargo got to see Fargo in a different light. It wasn’t because of the cold, floods or a goofy movie. It showed that we can put on an event on short notice and came off as one of the best game days ever. The nation saw what most of us that have left the area have known for a long time “This is a special place because of its people.”

  2. It’s beyond me how one of these three gets left out…..K-State win, the OU basketball win, or the Three-peat.

    • you’re not alone. when the video states “Best of 2013-2014″, it sure doesn’t make sense to me that Bohl leaving is considered one of the highlights of the year.

      • Just wanted to re-iterate, it’s NOT “Best Of” more so as the “Top” moments of 2013-14, but appreciate your feedback.

  3. Undoubtedly, the top two will be the Big Dance basketball win and the Kansas State football victory. The three-peat was more of a culmination of 4 months of a dream gridiron season than a single top “moment”. Winning a game in the NCAA basketball tournament had everyone around the country talking about NDSU and Cinderella for a couple of days, which was huge. But the football team knocking off the defending Big 12 champions on their home field was maybe the single biggest win in school history — maybe even bigger than basketball team beating Oklahoma and the football victories in the three straight national championships. With the K-State win, NDSU was all over ESPN and Fox Sports for days, and ultimately that win brought College GameDay to Fargo, which showcased not only the university, but the city of Fargo and the whole region as well. Think about it — how many schools would even dare dream about having College GameDay in their Top Ten moments, and at NDSU that was THIRD on the list! It just shows what an incredible all-around year it was for Bison athletics.

  4. Guys, relax. This is the top two:

    #2) NCAA March Madness win over Oklahoma, with Saul Phillips giving the double horns overhead

    #1) the entire 2013 football season: undefeated 15-0, K-state win, UNI win, rolling everybody in the playoffs, including Towson in Frisco

    Dom and Jeff – don’t even think about switching 1 and 2. Just don’t. You know better and you know NDSU is and always will be a football school first. There will be hell to pay if you dare.

    • Really? Hell to pay? Ha!! I hope you are joking. What are ou going to do? Boycott watching WDAY sports or tear out ever Kolpack article in the paper? I’m sure they are shaking in their boots fearing your ramifications. Besides, these were all previously filmed so your influence won’t really matter. I guess if you are pissed off, start your own blog and make a countdown.

  5. Oklahoma basketball win was bigger than anything on football field. Being a cinderella for 1 full day in every single tv sports , radio & newspaper is so incredible that you can’t even fathom. NDSU football gets a regional bump, but OU big dance win is the BIGGEST event for exposure in NDSU history and state of north dakota history.

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