Bison Video Blog: Labor Day edition

Join WDAY Sports Director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the latest edition of the Bison Video Blog.

7 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Labor Day edition

  1. First off, great win and outstanding team effort by NDSU on Friday night.

    Opening at home against a DII opponent is less than thrilling but I think the ruling to allow wins against DII schools to count is acceptable as long as schools are allowed to count wins against the Pioneer (non-scholarship FCS league). Here’s a look at what teams in the Pioneer league did opening weekend. The 12 member league went 2-9 with Davidson not playing. The two wins came against two NAIA schools one of which was playing their first ever football game, the win by Mercer was 40-37 and Stenson had an easier time 31-3. Of the nine losses seven were to FCS opponents, combined score of 330-113 with many opponents calling off the dogs early. The other two losses, Drake and Morehead St. were to NAIA schools.

    I guess what I’m getting at is that playing Ferris State, while not as exciting as playing Montana State this weekend, the Bulldogs will likely put up as much of a fight as some FCS schools which could have been brought in for a warm-up.

    Interested to see how their 2nd year (sophmore) 6′-4″ 222lbs QB handles the stiff Bison Defense and the sell-out crowd.

    Go Bison

    • The interesting thing is while counting D2 by your logic seems sound, kinda interesting that, if this rule had been in place a couple years ago, NDSU’s run might be significantly different. That first year we made the playoffs and lost to Eastern Washington in the semis, the only reason we got the last spot was because we Montana, who had as many wins, had one against a Division 2 team, and that knocked them below us. Under the current format Montana might have gone and who knows where NDSU is right now (guessing there’s at least one less title trophy).

  2. Great game Bison!!!! I don’t understand the big importance placed on the number of scholarships and the big build up to depth. We only played 1 quarterback, I never noticed any backup offensive linemen in the game, nor did I see anyone but the 3 regular linebackers in the game. I realize we rotate at a lot of the other positions and injuries may place an importance on the scholarship differential, however, for the most part, it is our 1st team against their 1st team. WE WON!

  3. I think talking about scholarship levels and individual program strength is much more telling. A lot of division 2 teams have more scholarship players then a bunch of FCS teams. Likewise the strength of top tier FCS teams like NDSU, Montana, EWU is greater then many lower tier FBS teams such as the MAC, MWC, Sunbelt teams. Heck even some of the BCS teams like MN, KU, Indiana are pretty weak.

    They really should devise some type of formula for SOS that factors all of this in rather then simply a divisional label. How about getting rid of FBS, FCS, D2, D3 and replace them with strict scholarship level tiers. Top tier = 70 to 85, Tier 2 = 50 to 70, Tier 3 = 30 to 50, Tier 4 = less then 30

  4. There was a lot of long TV breaks in the game. If we were getting winded, we had a chance every so often to rest up with the TV timeouts. Of course, the salt regiment helped us with cramping.

    • Say What? I don’t know if you noticed, but K State also ggot a chance to rest up during commercials. And for the record, they had to call a time out midway through “The Drive” because they were sucking wind so bad. That is why the players and Bohl went nuts, they knew they had them at that point. Bottom line, commercials are a wash and help both teams, not just NDSU.

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