Bison Video Blog – Manhattan Day 1

The Forum Communications Road Show is underway in the Little Apple, join Jody Norstedt, Jeff Kolpack and Eric Peterson as they welcome you to Manhattan and set the scene for NDSU and Kansas State.

22 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog – Manhattan Day 1

  1. I lived in Kansas for quite a few years. When it is hot and humid like it will be tomorrow it kind of takes your breath away.

    Hopefully the Bison handle the heat, because I think this team is mature and experienced enough to handle K-State and the fan noise.

    I have the Bison winning 24-20.

    Hail The Bison!
    The March Is Still On!

    • BigTime obviously both teams are playing in the heat but lets face it the K-State players live in this all summer long and have been practicing in it for a month. Remember the Division-II days when teams from the south would come to Fargo in December and how everyone said the Bison had a huge advantage because of the cold? Well wasn’t NDSU playing in the cold as well? You know what they meant by the heat comment but you just want to take a shot at NDSU any chance you get. It is obvious you hate the Bison so why do you come to this blog? I do not understand people like you. I would think you would have better things to do than hate on a football team of college kids! WTF?

      • I think Bigtime’s comment makes a bit of sense. Both teams will have to deal with the heat.
        NDSU was fortunate enough to be able to practice for about a week in 90 plus degree heat and high humidity in Fargo. Conditioning for the Bison is normally not a factor.The heat factor should be comparable for all players. The difference is probably gonna be the depth of an FBS team in the heat.

        Comparing this scenario to the D II days of teams coming to Fargo in December is not the same. A southern team couldn’t practice in 20 degree weather at all before a game. Some of those players had never been in snow or cold weather their whole life.

        Besides weather, I believe another factor could be the roughly 45,000 fans cheering against the Bison. It will probably be a bit different than playing against the Gophers and their fans.
        With all that said, I still pick the Bison to win because of experience and a tough grind it out style.

        Go Bison!

        • Real D-I. I think Kansas State wins by 3 TDs but I do think this weather is a factor. You can’t dress for 97 degrees but you can dress for the cold. Also while you play in the cold the running around can help keep you warm. Ask anyone who has ever played in really cold weather. The K-State kids live in this heat everyday and practice in it all the time. The NDSU kids have had it for a week. I am not making excuses it is just like the Fargodome is a big advantage for the Bison but it doesn’t make it unfair to the visiting teams it us just an advantage NDSU has at home. K-State has an advantage with the heat, it isn’t unfair to the Bison it is just an advantage K-State has at home. I don’t think the Bison would beat them in the Fargodome either. K-State is a very good FBS team and should win this game no matter where it is played. I just cant stand guys like Big Time who hate the Bison and just come in here to put them down. Why doesn’t he tell us who his team is?? Because it is easier to be a jerk and put down another person’s team instead of defending your own team. He is a negative guy end of story. If the Bison somehow win this game I just wanna hear what BigTIme has to say. I am sure it will be “Well they couldn’t beat Alabama”! If the Bison beat Alabama it would be “Well you can’t beat the 49er’s”! You can’t have a rational discussion with a guy like that. Go Bison!

    • Hater- How bout that Victory!! I told you yahoos team Special.. We can compete VS most of FBS.. Maybe not in 5 years from Now.. But this Year Yes!!! Eat Crow you thought this team would get Beat by 2 Touchdowns!!

  2. I agree the weather will be a factor for both sides but a advantage KS because of the depth. Nobody can get use to this kind of heat just like we can’t get used to the cold in jan/feb. It would be nice if the north wind that is blowing through the cities today reaches Kanas by kickoff.

  3. Hope Bill Snyder has his AARP card up to date, because retirement may be his only option after this one. — yeah, I stole it from 740 The Fan.

  4. Is a K-State wildcat in the same cat family as a Montana State Bobcat?
    Just a little extra motivation boys. Go Bison!!!!!!!!
    Keep it tight and then hold up the 4.

  5. It’s probably the heat!! The difference between the top FCS program and a 25-30th best FBS program is pretty evident as revealed in Manhattan. Need to schedule more 3-9 FBS programs to have a chance.
    Bison defense is really good… offense still needs some work.

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