Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Youngstown State game week preview

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11 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. Youngstown State game week preview

  1. Kirk Herbstreit tweeted that in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, NDSU @ YSU was at the top of the list of Gameday locations for this coming Saturday.

  2. I watched G.O. writing furiously on that clipboard about 5 minutes after his career ended. Wondering if he was putting down terms for his first contract as an assistant coach.

    He will be missed, but based on what we have seen during his time as a Bison, he will still provide emotional and tactical leadership to his teammates.

    Thanks for being a great example of a student-athlete, Mr. Olson. Best to you in the next phase of your life and beyond.

  3. Tough loss with Grant being out for the rest of the season. I anticipate him taking part in meetings and film review. I also expect that he will be helping the players by letting them know what he sees during practice and the game. Grant won’t let the team have a letdown because he is out.

    I also think Brock will become even more focused on bringing home that 3rd National Championship along with an undefeated season.

    NDSU has been circled on everyone’s calendar, except maybe K-State’s, this year. Every team they have played has given them their best shot and I expect nothing less from YSU.

    Unfortunately to beat NDSU, YSU’s defense will have to play better against NDSU’s offense than NDSU’s defense plays against YSU’s offense. I’m confident they won’t be up to the challenge.

    NDSU was a much different team when they were at Youngstown in 2010. They had recently decided to start Brock and then he breaks his collar bone in the game and Jose Mohler had to take over. The defense was not quite at the level they have been at in 2011, 2012 and so far in 2013.

    Bison win 35 to 17.

  4. Stay positive Grant. You will be missed! Great career and best of luck to you. It’s been a great pleasure watching you play these past few years!

    Let’s go herd! Time to step up!

  5. Tough loss of Grant Olson but I think it is time for the D-Line to step up and start dominating again. We didn’t have much pass rush on Saturday, the only sack I remember was from Pierre. It’s time for Drevlow and Perry to shine!!!!!!!!

  6. Grant you have proven you are a born leader no matter what is facing you. Fingers are still crossed that we can see you play again but if not it has been a pure joy watching you play football in a Bison uniform. May God bless you in your recovery and all the success in the world for you the rest of your life. Once a Bison always a Bison. Go Herd.

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