Bison Video Blog: Signing Day preview

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10 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Signing Day preview

  1. There were three d tackles that redshirted and another, Austin Farnlof, who can take a medical so that may have played a factor.

  2. You should have Marcus Collins on your show since he doesn’t get to sign. He prob feels left out and he is going to be a great Bison!!!

  3. Bacon and Volson being 6’5 250-260 maybe would better at d-line instead of ol unless they can put on more weight?

    • Let Kramer work with them for a year and they will be studs! Linemen are nearly always redshirted. Billy Turner was an exception but those kids are rare.

  4. I find it amazing how much ball these kids have played. Last year’s red shirts are just shy of practicing a half season more than any other MV team. This years SR class has a played more than a season worth of games than any other MV team. Gotta keep the trend rolling for the new commits.

  5. Will Blake Williams have a chance to play right away? He was a FBS recruit by Pitt so you would have to figure he is physically ready.

    • I can find no evidence that Blake Williams was recruited much less offered by Pitt. He was offerred a scholarship by Eastern Michigan and Akron and a PWO by Michigan. Although I too wish the Bison had recruited a few more DL, Williams is recruited as a DT and with Farnlof, Morgan, Jacobsen, Tanquay and Schaetz there would seem little need to pull a redshirt off of him. I also hear good things about Messner, a PWO.

  6. I believe Brett Pierce will be back after serving suspension. 6′-5″ and left NDSU 2013 at 290 pounds.

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