Bison Video Blog: Sunday Night Ramblings Debut

What a weekend for the FCS. Pure and simple the best since the inception of the division, NDSU led the way with the win over Kansas State; capped off by wins by Eastern Washington and Northern Iowa. The division itself has been raised by the wins and also raises the profiles of the schools that got the wins. NDSU has set the bar high for the rest of the division, but other schools have improved their programs, look at McNeese State, Eastern Illinois and Towson (who was terrible for a long time, now has become a viable program) each of those teams have become solid football schools and gives us the potential for a fantastic regular season and postseason. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Sunday Night Ramblings Debut

  1. It will be interesting to now see what Ndsu,UNI and eastern Washington do as well as k-state, Oregon state and Iowa state do the rest of year. Was Oregon state 25 ranking accurate as well as k-state 26ranking. Did the defenses play in the eastern wash and Oregon state game. Is northern Iowa that improved? Will be an interesting year.

  2. MVFC has always been tough, this year will be no exception.

    NDSU still getting shout outs today in the Louisville-Ohio game. Love it! Saw the replay of Holtz giving a Bison helmet a sticker to honor Jensen. Sweet!

    EWU will be a force, as will UNI. Lots of good FCS teams this year! Montana pounding Appy State was an eye opener, I agree Dom, but those helmets are ugly!

  3. While pointing out how many wins the FCS has over the FBS, Dom needs to also point out how many losses, too. Yes, this is a good year so far, but we need to see the overall %. I would hope the FBS teams recognize the overall %, too, and continue to schedule FCS teams in the future. Surely they must realize the gamble on taking a loss AND the payout, but I still think the odds are in the FBS favor each year. How heavy in their favor? That is what I would like to know.

    • I think there were 30 FBS/FCS matchups this weekend. So FCS had a 27% win percentage this weekend. There are 72 FBS/FCS matchups left this season, so we’d have to see 19 more FCS wins to keep up this win percentage(not going to happen). Historically, the overall percentage is 18%(though that number doesn’t take the 2012 season into account).

  4. Seriously, sometimes it just depends on the matchups, too.
    Could Towson or McNeese St. or E. Ill. beat Oregon St. or Kansas St.?
    I think the answer is no.
    NDSU, EWU, and UNI had great games (on the road!) and great coaching, and probably would have done well against 98% of the FBS division.
    As Dom said, too, counting Ga St. as an “true” FBS team is somewhat dubious.

  5. To me, the NDSU win was way more impressive then EWU’s. I mean KSU hasn’t lost a home opener in 20 years! They are reigning B12 champs. They opened a new $75 million stadium addition. They actually play defense! NDSU drives 80 yards in 8+ minutes for the game winner! Nationally televised to more then 90 million+. One of just a handful of games on Friday.

    The EWU/OSU game was just a shootout. No defense, last team to score wins. OSU has been a mediocre PAC12 team for awhile and are just 2 years removed from a 3-9 season! The game was only available to PAC12 viewers on the same day as 100’s of other games and several more FCS over FBS upsets. I honestly don’t know why OSU was ranked 25th!

    I’d almost put UNI’s win over Iowa State above EWU’s game!

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