Bison Video Blog: UNI game week preview

Join The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and WDAY sports director Dom Izzo for the latest episode of the Bison Video Blog.

29 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: UNI game week preview

  1. Watching the highlights of the UNI game from last week could’nt help but notice some empty seats attendance 12000 which seats 16000. Its too bad for a team that is pretty descent should be able to fill the stadium no matter who they are playing especially top 10 team. Learn to appreciate the Bison fans even a little more. Blow the roof off on Sat. Go Bison.

  2. Sagarin shows NDSU would be very successful in move up. Lets face facts, doninating the fcs is getting boring. Time for challenges fargo!!

    #1 v #4 UNI is the last big test, dominate them and season is over until semfinals.

    • Why rush to FBS?

      NDSU fans are having a blast: Winning National Championships, beating FBS teams, ESPN Gameday, Dome is sold out.

      Enjoy what we have got, start making plans for future stadium/dome and then go FBS.

      • Right on MarkyMark! Gene Taylor says wait and see what the BCS teams do and then figure out where are place is in the college football world. I too think we have to start planning for a dome expansion or a new, larger dome. BisoNation. the day will come when the Bison make their move up from FCS! Go Bison!

    • NDSU has to be invited by an FBS conference first, so there’s not much NDSU can control in that situation.

    • Yes but beating South Alabama, North Texas and what ever other FBS pretenders in the MAC/Sun Belt and making annual trips to the Pizza Bowl is SOOOOO, SOOOOOO thrilling!

      • If the FCS becomes the old DII it will be soooooo sooooo thrilling as well. With GSU and APP state leaving for the FBS and others looking to make the jump, it only makes sense to have a plan in place to move forward. One can argue not making the DI jump earlier was a major mistake. with saying that, I like GT’s lets see how the conferences shake out approach if it includes a scenario for SU moving up a tier.

        • That’s my point. Moving up to the Sun Belt or MAC is senseless because all those conferences will, in the very near future, basically be back to the FCS (or equivelent). None of these conferences will be in the mix when the major leagues split from the NCAA or we get to Super Conferences. I don’t even think the Mountain West will either and that’s the only real league NDSU should shoot for (and we don’t have good prospects there anyway). What’s the point of spending millions of dollars to break away from the FCS when the league we’ll be going to will basically BE FCS again within a few years?

          • I disagree with you! The MAC/Sunbelt etc will be the the FCS of today and the FCS of today will be today’s DII. The breakup will most likely put another conference on top of the FCS…it will look something like this:

            New super conference
            FBS (renamed of course)

            Now that is not to say the new Middle Conference will not be without opportunity. Lots of TV deals and the like to be had there. SU needs to be prepared to jump into that second group should this scenario play out. if they do not all of the momentum of the past few years lost.

          • MAKBison I agree we want to be in the second tier the FBS which will be renamed. Dom has said that it will probably be a level that teams will be allowed to give out 73 scholarships. 73 is a number that I think the Bison could do easily. Now how many teams in the Big Sky and Missouri Valley would or could make the move up to the 73 scholarships??? UNI, SDSU, Montana, Montana State, Eastern Washington, UND, USD and Sam Houston???????? App. State and Georgia Southern will be there waiting for us, but they will have spent millions to make the move instead of waiting like the rest of these schools.

          • Okay but MAKBison, if that comes to happen, NDSU will most certainly move up. But right now it’s far more expensive to do so. Why make the move now and pay so much more when the option will still be there and probably at an easier financial burden?

  3. Even if the Bison win Saturday, which I expect and hope, the rest of the MVC will not be pushovers. The whole season is filled with nail-biters!
    GO BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marky yes we’ve DONE that already! It was amazing and winning the mountain west going 11-0 & BCS bowl would be a tad better.. heck Northern Illinois did it last year.

    • NDSU is recognized as the greatest DII program ever. Would love to see NDSU win 7 FCS National titles and be recognized as the greatest FCS program ever before we make a move to the next level.

      The pieces are not quite in place for a successful move to FBS.

    • Once again, NDSU has no prayer of EVER getting in the Mountain West. Forgetting the obvious reasons (money, market exposure, etc), here’s a few more:

      1. Nowhere near their footprint. Farthest east they ever went was TCU. Also in the Dallas Fort Worth TV market. Somehow doubt members are that eager to travel to the far north and east
      to play in the 120th (or there about) TV market in the country.

      2. You’re decidedly one-track football mind precludes the other problem-the rest of our sports. We’d easily have the worst facilities of any school in the Mountain West. One look at the BSA will have the MWC conference officials back on their planes out of Fargo.

      Know you think the world revolves around Bison football. But our other programs need serious upgrades to ever begin to think about attracting bigger conferences that would have no practical reason for inviting us.

        • Or just fire Dorn. Not many schools have a women’s AD. I think GT can handle all the sports. Maybe hire an assistant AD, but let GT make the hiring decisions!

          • Agreed, I love her for what she did in the past, but the move to D1 seems to have outpaced your abilities.

          • Agreed, I love her for what she did in the past, but the move to D1 seems to have outpaced Dorn’s abilities

        • It’s this simple: the BSA HAS TO GO before NDSU can ever go to a better conference.

          Whether that’s the Mountain West or the Missouri Valley. It’s a joke of an arena and a miracle Saul recruits so well. Imagine bringing a recruit into that dump. It’s a wonder they don’t say no the moment they walk in.

          For every Bison fan who thinks the solution to going to FBS is just expand the Fargodome, wake up and smell the coffee. You want this program up to a bigger level, you’ve got to make the entire athletic program more appealing. Having a great football program/facilities is a big piece. But taking them across the street to an airplane hanger and selling conference officials on bringing their basketball teams into it makes us look like a joke.

          • THE BSA must be close—–Time for some of those Downtown businesses who gained from the ESPN game day event and or the extra business generated by SU on Saturdays to throw some donations SU’s way if they have not done so already..

          • You are right reality, the expansion of the Dome isn’t the only thing that needs to be done. Bison Sports arena, Softball facilities and others need to be improved.

          • Who said we must jump now, today, this minute? I said their needs to be a plan and forward motion for the jump when the opportunity presents itself. SU should not be content with staying in the FCS, we should always be looking to improve our position.
            Controlled growth is the key. what we do know is that it cost $$$ to move up, we also know that as we move up more $$$ come in.

  5. I am so sick of you wooden tops taking every opportunity to talk FBS BS. Shut up!

    You won’t be so talking so tough when UNI hands NDSU its first loss of the season this Saturday. The UNI offense will outperform NDSUs offense for a number of reasons, but most of all because Vigen has yet to figure out how to effectively and CONSISTENTLY move the ball against a 3-4 defense. You would think he would have it figured out by now but he doesn’t.

    The Bison offense will struggle against UNIs defense. They will shut down the running game and Brock will throw at least one pick six in this game. Jensen has thrown three really bad balls and already has 3 INTs in four games.

    Kollmorgen is a terrific passer and protects the ball, no INTs in 4 games. Johnson is a better runner and pass catcher than the Bison have on their roster. He will give NDSUs defense fits. NDSU does not do as well against balanced offenses.

    UNI wins this one going away. Then hopefully you idiots will shut up about moving up, at least for a while.

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