Carson Wentz Is Not God

Carson Wentz Is Not God

Carson Wentz is a lot of things. He’s an MVP-like quarterback in the NFL, he organized an AO1 Foundation that is set up to do a lot of good things for a lot of people for years to come, he continues to pay homage to his alma mater through tweets and bringing Eagles teammates back to North Dakota, he’s an avid outdoorsman who along with his brother Zach have an entertaining YouTube series called Wentz Bros Outdoors and he’s done things behind the scenes to help sick or recovering kids and adults.

What he is not, despite his spreading of the gospel, is God.

It would take an act of the man to take the unruly Philadelphia Eagles fans and tell them all to behave. It’s just not possible, despite the following letter to The Forum today.

Easy. It’s not Carson’s responsibility anyway. If things are so out of hand, it’s the issue of the team, the city and the city’s police department. There’s enough to worry about being an NFL quarterback, like not getting killed on the field, much less telling fans how to cheer. They would turn on him. What you do as a professional athlete is have a platform of positivity, but more important do your job on the field. That’s another issue. You don’t do your job on the field and they’ll turn on you just with that, no matter how good of a guy you are. To say Carson is not a “classy guy” because he’s not telling the fans what not to do in the stadium is laughable.

And by the way, this fan behavior thing is nothing new to Philly. This is not Hawley, Minn. You gotta have some street smarts in some areas of the country and that stadium is one of them. You don’t walk downtown alone at night in southside Chicago, or any large urban city for that matter, you don’t swim in the ocean with rip currents, you don’t attend a motorcycle bike rally in a white T-shirt, Ralph Lauren plaid shorts and loafers and you don’t attend an English soccer match pretending you’re the toughest guy there, even if you are. People were warned the entire week of the game. If given the choice, I would have been very hesitant to attend that game, certainly would have worn a neutral windbreaker outside of the stadium. The problems inside the facility is a team issue and that needs to be addressed, no doubt. More security for starters.

It’s not Carson’s job to get more security.

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