FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 4

Still pretty tight thru the first three weeks of the season, Mr. Kolpack relied on the MAC to bail him out with Toledo over Eastern Washington to re-take a one game lead over me. This is the last week of non-conference play, some interesting match ups, we’ve got a huge weekend planned!

                                                                                DOM (32-13)       JEFF (33-12)

  • Southern Illinois vs SEMO                               SIU                 SIU
  • (12) Stony Brook at (22) Villanova                   SB                 Vill
  • (6) SDSU at Nebraska                                      Neb                  Neb
  • (7) Northern Iowa at Northern Colorado       UNI                  UNI
  • Duquesne at Youngstown State                    YSU                YSU
  • Abilene Christian at (24) Illinois State           Ill St.               Ill St.
  • (10) Eastern Illinois at Northern Illinois         EIU                 NIU
  • South Dakota at (22) Northern Arizona        NAU                USD
  • (2) Montana State at Stephen F. Austin        MSU               MSU
  • (14) Central Arkansas at Missouri State      UCA                UCA
  • Western Illinois at UNLV                                  UNLV              UNLV
  • Gardner-Webb at (8) Wofford                         Woff                Woff
Division 3 Game Of The Week
  • St. Thomas at St. John’s                               STU                 STU

12 thoughts on “FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 4

  1. Sothern Illinois
    Stony Brook
    SDSU 35-27 Sets up a huge game next week in Brookings.
    Northern Iowa
    Youngstown State
    Illinois State
    Northern Illinois
    Montana State
    Central Arkansas
    St. Thomas

  2. I would love to see Zenner leave the game with a sore toe. Bison can’t expect to hold him down forever.

  3. Tough to root- I want sdsu over Nebraska as frenemies and fcs brethren, but with game day in Fargo, pelini swearing about fans- sdsu over Nebraska spells nice offer for bohl.

    Course they will have to outbid minnesota when kill steps down and recommends bohl…

    • Not sure what planet you live on in which a coach would even consider Minnesota if the Nebraska job was on the table…I wouldn’t wish coaching the Gopher football team on my worst enemy.

    • Craig Bohl will NEVER have a shot at the Nebraska job. Granted they haven’t been any better since he was let go, but Nebraska folks still haven’t forgotten that 60 spot Colorado put on them when they actually had a championship caliber team. He’s done great at FCS level but most in Husker land probably would not consider Bohl an upgrade if they can Pelini.

  4. ◾Southern Illinois vs SEMO – SEMO at home
    ◾(12) Stony Brook at (22) Villanova – Stony Brook
    ◾(6) SDSU at Nebraska – Nebraska, could be wrong place wrong time for Jacks
    ◾(7) Northern Iowa at Northern Colorado – Northern Iowa
    ◾Duquesne at Youngstown State – YSU
    ◾Abilene Christian at (24) Illinois State – Illinois State
    ◾(10) Eastern Illinois at Northern Illinois – Eastern Illinois
    ◾South Dakota at (22) Northern Arizona – Northern Arizona, Yotes need to prove they can beat someone on road.
    ◾(2) Montana State at Stephen F. Austin – Stephen F Austin at home with new QB for Montana State
    ◾(14) Central Arkansas at Missouri State – Central Arkansas
    ◾Western Illinois at UNLV – UNLV
    ◾Gardner-Webb at (8) Wofford – Wofford
    Division 3 Game Of The Week
    ◾St. Thomas at St. John’s – St Thomas

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