Filling Up Fast

We’re three weeks and some change from signing day and the known amount of available scholarships is filling up fast for NDSU, after a furious weekend where three more verbally committed to bring the known total to 18. NDSU head coach Chris Klieman told us last week he was hoping to sign 21-25 so the Bison are in the home stretch for 2014. Some highlights of the three players that committed over the weekend:

  • Dakota Reid – 5’8, 175 pounds (Per Rivals)  Reid originally had verbally committed to Western Illinois, but changed his mind to NDSU after a visit this weekend, Rivals reports that South Dakota had also offered, Reid attends Morgan Park High School in Chicago, his highlight video is here for those interested.
  • Ryon’e Winters – 6’0, 180 pounds Winters hails from Grandview, Missouri, a state that NDSU is starting to go more into; Cole Davis came from there for the 2013 class. Winters had offers from six other Missouri Valley schools including SDSU, Southern Illinois and Missouri State. The interesting part of Winters story is that he still has an official visit planned for Wyoming in a couple weeks, Jeff does a great job on that angle here.
  • Blake Williams – 6’4, 250 pounds Williams joined me on my radio show last night, I will post the link of the full interview Tuesday late morning; but did have some interesting tidbits; which included he was actually originally recruited by new NDSU offensive coordinator Tim Polasek when Polasek was at Northern Illinois. Polasek said that NIU didn’t have room for another tight end but to talk to the coaches at NDSU. Then new defensive coordinator Matt Entz visited Williams when he was still coaching at Western Illinois, so Williams knew the coaching staff pretty well. Williams added that he had 2 FBS offers which included MAC schools Eastern Michigan and Akron, FCS offers came from Southern Illinois, UND, Robert Morris and Lehigh to name a few. Williams told me the NDSU coaches told him he will play defensive tackle, a spot he has some familiarity with, he played mainly tight end and defensive end in high school. He added that he became quite familiar with NDSU over the past three years, he attended the USD game this year and was blown away with the game day atmosphere.

Easton Stick took Bison fans on a emotional roller coaster on Twitter Monday morning.

Before we wrap, just a few words about the Easton Stick “incident” this morning. As many of you know, I tweet more than most should, and when I saw this morning that Stick tweeted he was taking his talents to Rutgers, I felt the need to re-tweet that to my followers. The reasoning behind this may sound hypocritical, but Stick isn’t a defensive tackle or fullback recruit; and that’s no offense to those positions, but Stick is the highest-profile player in this class, he’s the top rated quarterback in the state of Nebraska and has three other FBS offers out there, his profile is just higher than other recruits, mainly because of the position he plays. Twitter is a dangerous device for us in the media, it’s where I go to most of the info I get out there, but it’s also a place where you cannot take everything at face value.

Minutes later, Stick tweeted that his account had been hacked and he was 100% committed to NDSU. Should I have shown better judgement and not re-tweeted the original? Probably. This is a wild time where recruiting has turned fans into wanting to know every detail about 18 year olds before they have ever set on campus and want instant information and for us in the media, we were out in front to tweet and report the night that Stick had verballed back in October, knowing he had so many stars from Rivals and telling fans why this is a big deal. Just look at my post from back in October.  It’s also a wild time for broadcasters and reporters, in a quest to be first and to “break” every story, there’s always the mandate I live by: I have to be right. Every time. Does this mean I’m not going to tweet as much or try to get the story out first every time? No. But it certainly means I’m going to look a heck of a lot closer after today. Off my soapbox for now, will post Williams interview on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Here’s my interview with Blake Williams from Monday’s Dizzo’s Den.

13 thoughts on “Filling Up Fast

  1. Now that you’re off that soapbox can you please get back on the Piazza belongs in the Hall of Fame soapbox?

    Just kidding, don’t beat yourself up about it, it was an honest mistake. You reported the initial tweet, and then reported the retraction. You did your job

  2. Can’t really concern ourselves with class or no class of former coaches when it comes to recruiting, when we get guys like Williams that were recruited to former schools of our current coaches. Correct? That right there shows that the language of Bohl’s buyout contract means nothing. Zilch. It has happened forever and is not enforceable to prevent KIDS from going where they want. Relationships with coaches is what makes them commit wherever they do. In most cases, school is secondary, especially for the more talented player. Don’t kid yourselves, their major is football anyway.

    • The dIfference is, James, that WIlliams was told by Northern Illinois coaches that they had no room for him. Take a reading class to improve your comprehension. There is a big difference between a coach employed by NIU telling a kid they have no room but then giving him some advice as to who might. Nothing wrong with that, not even remotely unethical. It is unethical what Bohl is doing, but with his creepy smile why is anyone so surprised at his type of sleaze?

  3. I would lime to know how a guy who verbslled to another school ends up being invited for a visit. Didnt Taylor say it was hands off recruits who had already verballed?

    • Technically, the offer from Wyoming came BEFORE Winters verballed to NDSU and in the conversations only players that had verballed were off-limits, so that’s why Winters is still visiting Laramie.

  4. I agree. You saw the source and the story. You had zero reason to assume that his account was hacked. You properly broke the story. You’re a class act Dom.

  5. Dom, you are a class act, and you work hard at reporting what Bison fans are interested in. But, the most important thing you said in your post is that fans want every detail about 18 year olds who have never stepped on campus. Let the fans be overeager (and dumb) about these young men. They will show up at NDSU, work to earn playing time and a degree, and two, three, four years from now we should be worried about them. Signing day is kind of like walking through a car showroom. You like to imagine taking one of those new vehicles out on the road. But until the papers have been signed and we’ve had the car for a while, it’s really kind of a fantasy game.

    • “In a way, all of us have our own personal ‘El Gaupo’ …….Lucky Day, “3 Amigos”…………Dom, your personal ‘El Gaupo’ is sifting thru the mountain of information you receive every day to determine what is fact or fiction.

  6. Who really cares if Wyoming takes 1 or 2 of our recruits. The kids that want to play here will. It’s not like Bohl is stealing all of our 18+ recruits

    • Agreed.

      I want kids to come here that really want to be here and know that NDSU is their best option.

  7. I feel sorry for the mvfc, it looks like we are not going to drop off anytime soon. Hard to believe this team might just be getting better. Talent is there, let’s hope the work ethic is there as well.

  8. I am changing subjects to Bison basketball. They play at IUPUI and Fort Wayne this past weekend in front of less than 900 people both nights. Who is the Summitt League run by and shouldn’t he or she be on the phone to those schools. The league favorite comes to town and nobody shows up. Can you say Missouri Valley Conference.

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