Hey NDSU student

Hey NDSU student

Just so you know (regarding your earlier post on Kolpack’s blog) that our job as reporters/broadcasters is not to believe in the team or to cheer for the squad.  Our job is to call it like we see it, keeping allegiances, preferences, etc. out of the equation.  That way you can trust that we really mean what we say. 

And as to your comment about no one giving the team a chance, who said that?  Do you have a name?  I don’t know anyone who said they didn’t have a chance.  They always do.  But there are some of us out here who try to look at things rationally and objectively, and this didn’t appear to be an NDSU win under that criteria.  I hope they win lots of games this year, but I hope I never try to make a convincing argument that NDSU will win just because they’re the Bison.  You be the fan, I’ll be the broadcaster, and life will be good.  This world needs both.

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