Media Blog Coach Watch List: Day 1

Here is the daily Bison Media Blog Football Coach Watch List, an unofficial top 10 ranking of the favorites culled from gut feeling, sources, rumors, experience or no valid reason whatsoever to take the head football coaching position at NDSU:

  • 1. Chris Klieman, NDSU defensive coordinator, maybe needs to be convinced not to go to Wyoming.
  • 2. Scottie Hazelton, Nevada defensive coordinator. Former NDSU defensive coordinator and architect of first national title from the defensive side. USC experience helps.
  • 3. Pat Perles, offensive line coach, Syracuse. Former Bison offensive coordinator who went to the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs before that staff was fired.
  • 4. Todd Wash, defensive line coach, Jacksonville Jaguars. We get that NFL guys don’t come back because of the NFL money, but here’s the question for the former Bison assistant and player: If you ever want to be a head coach, now is the time because it’s not going to happen in the NFL.
  • 5. Jimmy Burrow, defensive coordinator, Ohio University. Former Bison assistant who has been a career assistant.
  • 6. Tim Beck, offensive coordinator, Nebraska. Writing is on the wall with the Pelini era, best to get moving now.
  • 7. Brian Ward, defensive coordinator, Western Illinois. This guy just has CEO leadership written all over him.
  • 8. Rob Ambrose, head coach, Towson. He’s brought that program to FCS success.
  • 9. Glenn Caruso, head coach, University of St. Thomas. Great recruiter who knows how to run a program, no matter what level.
  • 10. Brent Pease. A Montana guy, former NFL quarterback who was recently fired as Florida’s offensive coordinator.

20 thoughts on “Media Blog Coach Watch List: Day 1

  1. How exciting is this? I bummed Bohl is leaving…but we could see some future great things! GO BISON!

  2. Perles was pretty much given the “leave on your own terms or leave on our terms” scenario. Very doubtful he has interest to come back.

  3. Why no Brent Vigen on the list? Is it confirmed he isn’t interested in becoming the head coach? Would he stay at NDSU as offensive coordinator if the right coach was hired (Klieman) or is he going where Bohl goes?

  4. Way too many guys who would need to drop down a level. It’s been shown you don’t get FBS head coaching jobs very often coming from an FCS school compared to being an FBS coordinator.

    Seems like a step down for most of the people on your list.

  5. I like Kleiman. I also believe he is on the short list and will be the one. He was brought in for this scenario. Taylor knew this day could be coming even years ago so you bring in someone from the outside (Northern Iowa). Otherwise, why hasn’t he left by now? An assistant that leads a D like this the past several years could have moved up. Final comment is that this is the best possible scenario to have a current assistant announced during the playoff run…eases a lot of minds out there. This is how it will play out.

    • I hope you are right Bobcat. I think this is the best possible situation for the program.

  6. What about some of the other Bison coaches that have a lot of experience like Burns, Fuchs, Goeser or Stanard?

    Are of anythese guys interested or ready to take on a Head Coaching position?

  7. My bet is either #1 or #2 on your list. It will be one of those two leading the Bison in 2014.

  8. What about Lane Kiffin or Mack Brown? Kiffin could use a nice “start over” job after getting fired by USC. And Mack Brown might want to get back to his winning ways after these last few down years at Texas.

    It’s worth a shot.

  9. There are only a few coaches on this list that NDSU can afford. There is no way Tim Beck takes a huge pay cut (currently makes $700k) at Nebraska so take him off this list.
    I like Klieman, Hazelton or Caruso, who are all in their late thirties and if they decide to stay long enough, could be a long term solution to Coach Bohl’s absence. A salary of arund $250,000 per year would be a raise for all three of these candidates.

  10. No with Perles. No with Perles. He was garbage and there is a reason he is gone. He is living off daddy’s name

  11. Just an FYI… Tim Beck’s contract pays him $700,000 per year. I believe he is the highest paid coordinator in the Big Ten.

  12. When you have a defensive HC, the OC becomes a “key man”… With Bohl negotiating $1.3 for his assistants, it’s very likely that Vigen will have somewhere around $300,000 guaranteed. It is unlikely that Taylor can guarantee this for any coach, much less one with no previous HC experience.

    • Seem to me you are a bit high per Coordinator, unless you are really shorting one coach over the other if you pay your Coordinators $600K you leaving less than $80K fo the rest of them.

  13. what about kevin feeney? maybe not as HC but he might be a good fit to be one of the assitant coaches on offense, assuming that we might be losing some of the current assistants

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