Open letter to Mick

Open letter to Mick
Mick Garry
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Sioux Falls, S.D., 90210

Dear Mick,

Welcome to the club, brother. I see the team you’re covering, the University of South Dakota, will make the plunge to Division I athletics. Being the generous soul that I am, allow me to lend you for free some J-school advice:

1. Buy an NCAA manual. This is your bible. There will be rules and stipulations in the coming four years that will scratch your mind, as well as the administrative minds of the team you’re covering. Good luck.

2. Get used to the rival "eat crow" comments. Actually, they’re pertinent for about a week. Both USD and UND should have been proactive with this move four years ago. But there will be immature folks who will carry that argument for four years and beyond. They just will never get over it.

3. At every opportunity, explain what the exploratory period is and the length of the reclassifciation period.

4. At every opportunity, explain the Great West Football Conference is FOOTBALL ONLY. NDSU has been in the Great West for all three years and there are still people confused that it is a one-sport league.

5. Mentor the USD administrators that a school does not apply for membership into a conference. It begs.

6. Get the home, work and cell phone numbers of the USD compliance person. He or she is crucial in the move, especially early on.

7. Call me before booking a hotel room in Cedar City.

8. When the Coyotes play at Cal Poly, try to arrange your boss to get you there a week early because the game is so huge it requires on-site reporting for days.

9. Don’t worry about covering volleyball, softball, soccer or baseball games. About 98 percent of their games will be on the road.

10. Playoffs are over-rated in the athletes’ minds. They care more about playing good competition and their own playing time than postseason.

That’s it for now. Call if you have questions.

Your buddy,


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