Post-game NDSU defeats Kansas State 24-21

30 thoughts on “Post-game NDSU defeats Kansas State 24-21

  1. Tough grind it out style does it again. The crowd didn’t have a negative affect. The heat didn’t appear to bother one team more than the other. FBS depth didn’t matter.

    There weren’t individuals who one this game. There were different heroes throughout the game who did their job as a team and pulled this off. Brock, D Lang, Smith, Beck, Dudzick, Bonnett, Ojuri, the whole offensive line.

    Once again, nothing flashy but smash it in your face football.

    I don’t think K-State had an off night. I also don’t believe K-State is a bad FBS team. I think NDSU is just that good.
    Other than the top 10-15 FBS teams, I believe the Bison could compete with almost any FBS team right now with this year’s team. Maybe I’m a bit of a kool aid drinker but who cares. Last nights game was extremely exciting for Bison fans.

    Go Bison!

    • The bison could compete with almost all of the FBS, especially if we could have had any of them at home.

      7-3 or 4 in a row against FBS teams is impressive, but they are still all road games.. It may be a small stadium by FBS standards but it’s still one of the loudest in the country. And that is a huge bison home field advantage.

    • Kansas State was #1 in the country 10 months ago. This elevates NDSU’s program to a level most never thought possible. It’s time to move now. The B1G is now adding affiliate members for other sports… Just sayin. Come on GT… Work your magic and get us an invite.

      I like the Coments from Bruce in Fargo below. lets get a 50,000 seat stadium in this town and showcase this program. no reason we can’t have what Wyoming and Nebraska have on Saturdays. Those states SHUT DOWN on game day. Watched Louisville tonight. That’s a matchup very favorable to the Bison. Those are the types of teams we need to be playing.

      President Dean and GT… You got this!

  2. I’m a UND graduate, but what an effort by NDSU! When you watch their football team compete they don’t look like an FCS team — and they are not. This team should be playing at the next level on a regular basis. Can’t tell me that Wyoming, Minnesota, Idaho or Colorado State deserves to be playing a level ahead. Expand the Fargodome to FBS level and move the program to FBS. I’d even give money to get this program playing regularly on a national stage. Just imagine if NDSU could actually play some of these teams on their home turf, for a change. Would only confirm they belong in FBS. This is great for the state of N.D.

    • Nodak Fan; I agree, we need a larger dome. There is no way a fan can get a ticket nowadays, if you’re not a cyber expert, or at the BSA at midnight waiting in line. Playoff games are gone before the gate opens it seems. 18,500 seats is not what Bob Johnson envisioned when he first presented the Fargodome to the city. He wanted 30,000 seats way back then. Today Fargo’s metro is almost a quarter million and growing fast. We need a dome with seating for at least 40,000 with room for future expansion up to 50,000+.
      Don’t spend millions of tax dollars more, just to build a bar, on the domes south side second level, just for the Team Makers enjoyment.
      Lets get it right this time and plan for Fargo’s and NDSU’s future.
      Go Bison!
      Bruce, Fargo, ND

  3. Congrats!!!!! I was up late in South Carolina watching the upset. I had a feeling when I saw it come on bison could beat ksu Good luck the rest of the season. Go bison and Go gamecocks!!

  4. the fullback should be a pro prospect. the least appreciated and most important part of a dominent running attack.

  5. I, too, was up late here in Virginia, listening and blogging throughout. What a game! I’ve had hopes for many months on this one game and the Bison came through. Sure wish they could play the Fighting Sioux next week, instead of Ferris St.
    GO BISON!!!!!!

  6. As a freshman at NDSU in 1962, the Bison lost all 10 football games, and then playing only regional teams. They’ve come a long way baby!

  7. What a great game last night. It is great to watch the Bison take it to a FBS team and physically beat them. The Bison played Bison football and beat K-State. As Jeff said the Bison looked like the better team throughout and Brock Jensen was definitely the best QB on the field last night.

    Enjoy this win for 24 hours and move on to the next game. This is just one win on the way to a conference championship and a 3-peat national championship.

    Hail The Bison!
    The March Is Still On!

  8. Just a gutty performance all the way around. I was following on twitter throughout the game and it was amazing the nfl players and large city media who were commenting on the bison play. I think the Bison are definitely one of the best 30 football teams in college football (fbs and fcs). I really hope they get ranked in the AP top 25.

    • Then where do you rank Eastern Washington? Their opponent was ranked higher than KSU.

      • Big win for eastern Washington as well. Very glad to see it! I would rank them right behind ndsu.

      • My FCS rankings for Week 2.

        1: North Dakota State Bison 1-0
        2: Eastern Washington 1-0
        3: Northern Iowa 1-0
        4: Towson 1-0
        5: South Dakota State 1-0
        6: Montana 1-0
        7: Montana State 1-0
        8: McNeese State 1-0
        9: Eastern Illinois 1-0
        10: Central Arkansas 1-0
        11: Sam Houston State 1-0
        12: William and Mary 1-0
        13: Cal Poly 1-0
        14: Southern Illinois 0-1
        15: Richmond 1-0
        16: Stony Brook 0-0
        17: Samford 1-0
        18: Southern Utah 1-0
        19: Youngstown State 1-0
        20: Villanova 0-1
        21: Weber State 1-0
        22: Wagner 1-0
        23: James Madison University 1-0
        24: South East Louisiana 1-0
        25: Illinois State 0-1

      • Kansas State was ranked #26 and we all know at the #25 or #26 part of the rankings they are all a mashed up group that could be at any of those rankings.

  9. Hey BisonJeff,

    What happened to the weather being a factor and K-State winning by 3 TDs?

    Looked to me like NDSU was the stronger team when it counted most in the 4th quarter.

    Glad you were wrong. Not trying to be an ass , just thought I would give you a bit of crap.

    Go Bison!

  10. It was classy and gutsy performance. I hope lot of our players get recruited by NFL.

  11. Great win for the Herd. Jensen has a flair for the dramatic endings. The game was well worth the trip. Has there been any estimate of how many Bison fans were there?

  12. How long will NDSU be able to keep Bohl and his coaching staff around?

    There aren’t many others that could do what he has done. He’s got a great football mind and he’s gotten better at recruiting as time has gone on. Not very often anyone says we were out coached.
    I’d like to think he’ll stay for a while. Probably wishful thinking.

    Gonna enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. Hopefully it goes a few more years.

    Go Bison!

    • I think Bohl is more than content with staying in Fargo. He’s been in the “Big Time”, he’s seen what that’s all about, and he’s said publicly in the past that a higher salary doesn’t always equate with more satisfaction with your job.

  13. Go ahead and look at the top 25 FBS on Monday and ask how of those teams are really better than NDSU…

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