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Monday certainly didn’t calm down in the land of NDSU as the Bison are well into game prep for New Hampshire on Friday night, but also it appears the coaching change hasn’t affected recruiting in a negative fashion as the Bison received a verbal commitment from Lance Dunn, a 5’9 running back from Waterloo, Iowa, it should be noted that’s the new head coach’s backyard.

Lance Dunn from Waterloo, Iowa (#3) verbally committed to NDSU Monday night.

Dunn; according to had offers from Northern Iowa, South Dakota and Western Illinois and becomes the 15th commitment for the Class of 2014. 

The NDSU men’s basketball team has seen its RPI continue to soar after last week’s win over Notre Dame, they responded on Monday night with an impressive 85-66 win over Delaware, Taylor Braun was terrific, going for 33 points, Bison are now 8-4 thru the teeth of their schedule with a good Towson team to come on Saturday.

Couple other items for people that care; stories about two diverging football programs, first not a good story from Portland, where Portland State has been on notice that they need to be self-sustaining or risk the program being shut down, you can read that here. Also from last week that got under my radar, was the news that Eastern Kentucky is exploring the possibility of moving up to FBS. EKU made the playoffs in 2011, they’re looking for either a spot in the Sun Belt or the MAC, read what you will into it here.

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  1. Another good win for the mbb team, after this brutal stretch conference play should be a breeze. It may not have looked good at the time the schedule came out but the schedule is preparing this team well.

  2. Reading the article about Portland state I thought wow. They were one of the DII powers meeting SU in playoffs a few times, but seem to be struggling maybe the Big Sky geographically is too big creating a money pit for these schools.
    Which comes first the chicken or the egg. The EKU article explains that you need an invite but first you need to explore the feasibility to do it and in order to get an invite the conferences need to know your in the game.

  3. It’s too bad Coach Bohl is moving on. Thought he had the moxie that could carry us into the Big XII. We would certainly be more attractive to a BCS league than would Wyoming. Does Klieman have that same moxie?

  4. Well, that is a dent in the ole armor of the mighty (laughable) Big Sky with the possibility of losing Portland State football. I would guess that will happen if they have to be self sustaining. Also is it just easier for these Eastern FCS Schools to move up because the Sun Belt just fits in the geographical footprint of all these teams moving up? It just seems so easy for these Schools to just move up in force out there. Granted I would rather stay put then go to the Sun Belt Conf. I guess we should be pouncing on the Mountain West when Wyoming leaves for the Big 12 eh?

  5. Seriously, Bohl has the moxie to lead NDSU up to the Big 12?!? You people that want NDSU to jump up to FBS are just delusional!! Let It go people, it’s not happening soon, nor should it. Enjoy what is going on now and remember we are only a handful of years removed from a 3-8 season. Plus, a move up to the MAC or something leads to random weeknight games and a possible trip to the Motor City Music Bowl or the No One Cares About These Teams Bowl…..Park It People!!!

  6. It’s interesting reading those articles. It doesn’t seem like Portland State is really in that much of a bind.

    Also, Eastern Kentucky’s stadium can seat 20,000 – impressive. I’m guessing they’ll enter the Sun Belt.

    And it sounds like UMass is having issues with their football program which I guess isn’t surprising.

    Geographically I’d have to say that the Missouri Valley, the Mid American, the Mountain West and of course the Big Ten could all make sense (levels of likelihood from 0% – 5% though). The 85 scholarship level of us moving up would be intruiging. I think my preference would be for most of the Missouri Valley schools and Eastern Big Sky schools to join forces and go FBS. I’d love an FBS conference with four dakota schools, two montana schools, and the state schools in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. That said, I think the two Montana schools would fit more in with the Mountain West than in an FBS conference with us; and they would fit better in the Mountain West than we would.

    • What??? Is there nothing that just screams belonging in a conference situated in the Rocky Mountain ranges than a school in the Red River valley? C’mon !!

  7. FBS or bust.
    FBS or bust. Seriously- Furman & Coastal Carolina more resembled Texas A&M – Kingsville than legitamite teams.

    Now we got New Hampshire coming to town. Might as well let Jensen, Williams, Heagle, Jirik, Turner, Ojuri & Crockett rest for Frisco.

    Look at the gophers in the Texas Bowl, excitement off the charts. They playing Syracuse a NATIONAL POWER.

  8. I’m all for conference re alignment! 5 BCS conferences! All others including FCS move up and adopt the playoff system! Discussion over! But wait, then I suppose we’ll be talking about the Bison should enter a BCS conference

  9. I predict 6 BCS conferences form Tier 1: SEC, B1G, B12, ACC, PAC-12 and Indy’s. Some of these will add some of the top schools from the other conferences yet. Like a Boise State or a Northern Illinios. I think they would ideally like to have 14-16 teams per conference.

    Then the other 5 FBS conferences combine with the FCS power conferences to form Tier 2: CUSA, MAC, SB, AAC, MWC, MVFC, SOCON, CAA and BSC

    Tier 3 is the bottom of FCS.

  10. I agree wait for conference realignment and see how things end up. I would say the only way we end up in a BCS conference is if we go to the Big 12 but it will have to be after Fargo grows larger and the Bison have an even greater financial commitment from their fans. Then comes the tough part they will need a larger dome. If you build an open air stadium forget it and stay in the dome cuz you won’t get 10,000 people in an outdoor stadium if the weather is like last week. That is just a fact. A new dome that holds 40,000 in 10 years would have to cost at least $500 million??? That is the way it is folks so just enjoy what we have right now it is great!

  11. that’s right Bison Jeff!… 2 cents……couldn’t be happier where bison football is right now!…….mens BB team not so much.. improved…yes!..long way too go!…..will follow more when they get better recruits and the NEW BSA is done….some of you on here think the mens team is best think since slice bread…what are you guys smoking?

    • I don’t think he said that the mbb was the next best thing since sliced bread but they are a pretty good team that even the experts believe will be in the tournament. I guess in the next few years when the football team may lose 4 games not make the playoffs you will be the first one to jump off the band wagon.

    • They are. Men’s BB has an RPI of 36, highest ever. They have a lot of quality wins this year, including Notre Dame of the ACC.

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