I understand the most recent blog post got some people riled up and I always appreciate your passion and for reading our blog. Just a couple points and then I’ll move on, I know some have posted that I’m stirring the pot about the NDSU-UND game and that the media is the one that’s keeping this alive. I believe it’s one of my responsibities as Sports Director at WDAY to provide the most up to date information, especially when it concerns the two Division 1 universities in our state. One of the biggest charges I have
is to keep on top of football for each school and when something is happening in
terms of football scheduling I believe that to be a big story.


You can disagree with all me you want, I know that many do, but I strive to keep my personal opinions away from the newscast, I let some go on the blog, that’s exactly what a blog is for. I appreciate your comments, and for those that feel the need to rip on me, I’m sure I’ll give you some more material in no time.

There are plenty of other things happening this week; Big E has a great story on Antoinette Goodman and Ashley Tingelstad, two of the stars of NDSU’s women’s track team as the prep for the Summit League Championship, which begins today in Fargo, you can read that here.

The NDSU softball team opens the NCAA Tournament tomorrow in Minneapolis with Auburn out of the SEC, Jody Norstedt has the great story of pitcher Krista Menke and catcher Jenina Ortega and their unlikely bond, you can watch here.

Couple articles worth reading as well, Bruce Feldman, now of Fox Sports, who broke the story on Craig Bohl leaving for Wyoming; caught up with the former Bison coach and reveals exactly when he knew he was ready to leave Fargo.

Cole Jirik is busy rehabbing two separate shoulder surgeries after gutting out one of the toughest seasons I’ve ever seen, the man never missed a game, the Kansas City Chiefs actually wanted to sign Jirk to a contract; but he declined, wanting to be fully healthy. Jirik will join Jeff and me on our Saturday morning show on 970 WDAY from 9-11am.

Plenty of coverage of softball and track this weekend, keep an eye on the blog!

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  1. You definately should have covered it. NDSU is correct in their scheduling. UND is welcome, I am sure, for the right price. We would travel for the right price too. Thats on UND not NDSU.

    • Jesus Christ, Dom, we get another 150 post blog. Isn’t there something else in Fargo that is happening or going to happen.

  2. NDSU should not schedule UND in anything. NDSU just needs to walk away. #walkforchange

    • Please. The moment this game comes back nobody will be protesting it. I enjoy seeing the schools play in other sports. Beats more games against Valley City or Mayville.

        • This is what people really miss when they just blindly hate UND….in other sports (Not football obviously as the schedule is much more compact) it’s more difficult to get games. It’s senseless for UND and NDSU not to play in all other sports when they’re 70 miles apart, both fully Division One. If anything they could easily play home-in-homes (Happens with New Mexico and New Mexico State basketball even though they are in separate leagues). The alternative is more games against NAIA/D2 schools. Football, aside from the politics, is tougher to fill because there are fewer dates and more of a need to cash in re: home games.

  3. Dom, I feel you were just doing your job covering it. I have stated I don’t care if they play or not. Obviously the Bison don’t need the game for attendance or the money that goes with it but UND does. That is a fact. I have been a Bison fan since the 70’s and have not missed playing the Sioux at all. Like I stated in the 80’s when the Bison were winning titles in D-II the Sioux were not a rival, it was USD and UNO. That is a fact as well. If both sides really want to play then I say play. I know the current UND President and AD had nothing to do with what went on back in 2003, but I think they need to come out and apologize for what their predecessors did. I am talking about UND stopping the rivalry and badmouthing the Bison for going D-I. Come out and do that and then if it makes sense for both schools, then play the game. But make no mistake Bison fans don’t care as much about this game as everyone wants to believe. Not because they are afraid of UND it is just that they really don’t need them anymore. Go Bison!

  4. You did no harm in reporting a story that someone else wrote… it was in fact a story (just doing your job) and it’s pretty obvious that both sides are heated on the issue and there really isn’t a right answer. It’s not going to go away and I really don’t care if they schedule something.

  5. Does anyone else wonder where the Grand Forks media members were in 2003 when UND decided to stop playing NDSU. They certainly seem to care about the rivalry now but where were they back then? I don’t recall anyone up there imploring UND and their administration to schedule NDSU. Come on Schlossman and Nelson, where were you clowns back then??? Why was it OK for UND to do what was in their best interests in 2003 but NDSU should not do the same now?

  6. A couple of thoughts; first, don’t blame the media for doing their jobs. Second, let’s let the two Athletic Directors (along with input from the respective head coaches) do THEIR jobs and work through the scheduling. They are responsible for looking out for the best interests of their football programs, and I believe they are both men of integrity. There is no conspiracy to screw the other team, and certainly no need to make this a political issue as one observer suggested by having the legislature get involved. I would hope our political leaders have more important things to do; I really have a hard time believing that the people of North Dakota want more government involvement in their lives.

  7. There’s absolutely nothing to apologize for. That the two major schools in the state aren’t playing is a story. The only stupid part are the few knucklehead fans who get “upset” about it. Same knuckleheads who act like they’ll protest if the game returns will likely be the first ones trying to buy a ticket the moment it gets announced.

    • yes, and we’ve heard that story a dozen times now in the last few years alone

      • What should happen is that NDSU fans should just stop posting on this about this hs ; let the whioux fans bitch; they’ll eventually go away.

    • He’s doing his job… what don’t you understand about that? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe Dom was around when they did play in football last. It’s pretty obvious there is still something there as far as a rivalry goes (between the fan bases) and I am in the camp where I really don’t care if they play again. You obviously don’t follow the BM Blog where they do a great job of covering NDSU. Much better than whatever blog they have 75 miles to the north… get over it.

    • Technically it’s not to pimp for NDSU either. He’s supposed to be neutral which I think he does a good job of.

  8. Here’s the funny thing: NDSU fans think that their success is invincible. Without question, NDSU is the dominant football program in the state and within the FCS sub-division nationally.

    But college football always turns over. That’s the one thing, the only thing you can count on. Today’s champ will not be tomorrow’s champ. Someone new always rises up. It comes and goes in cycles. Players graduate, coaches leave, etc.

    So at this time, many of the old NDSU fans who somehow conjured up a personal hatred of UND and thumping their chests loud and proud saying things like “we don’t need them!”

    Just keep in mind: NDSU reached its pinnacle in the 2013-14 season. There’s no way they can maintain that level of success. It will backslide eventually.

    • We’ll see. Today’s champ has already been tomorrow’s champ twice now.

  9. Seeing as your quoting my twitter, I’ll go ahead and elaborate in more than 140 characters. First off, don’t take it personally, I’m much more annoyed with the grand forks media drumming this up. There was no news in schlossman’s original article, nothing more than a pointless rehash of everything we already know. This topic always seems to get brought up when there is negative news relating to the university, and I don’t think it will be news to anyone that the grand forks media is much to cozy with the school, often to UND’s detriment. I can’t imagine mussman being kept around nearly as long had the Fargo press been covering UND, rather than the grand forks good old boys. Students had to petition to keep the library open at it’s already limited hours. I don’t even know if they accomplished anything because it has gotten no press.

    I think many people, myself obviously included, see this as more about making the news rather than breaking it. I suppose I speak for many when I say that I am sick of seeing and inevitably replying to the same tired arguments. If there is news, report it, but please let’s not report the lack of it.

    You did not bring it up and it was already running wild, so you really had to comment, so it’s not your fault at all. This needs to stop being the go to story for the slow news day though.

  10. Problem is THERE ISNT A DAM STORY!! UND LACKEYS made it up to distract from siouxper drunk t shirts. That’s why we are questioning you dom, media et al.

    You’re stoking the fire over a STORY OF NOTHING. There was no new news just a reason for you all to keep whining about the fact that NDSU is big time now.

    Where was schlongdong & old man wayne in 2003 demanding the game? Oh that’s right they were taking potshots at ndsu going D1. Scumbags rise above them dom

    • Its hard to distract form the SIOUXperDRUNK story…it made national headlines. The national media could careless about a game between the to schools….but I get you point locally. In my opinion the racism demonstrated by unNOd is reason enough not play……stay away the school its toxic at the moment.

    • So if it’s a story about nothing, why comment on it? Why does it draw the most conversation when it comes up? If it’s nothing, just ignore these posts and they’ll eventually go away. For the people who relentlessly insist it’s not a story, the fact you go to such lengths to insist it’s not, and feel duty bound dispute it at every turn, pretty much says that it is a story. If you practiced as you preached, you’d ignore it. But you don’t.

      • we have to respond because people like ‘reality’ can’t help but spout absurdities and lose facts.

      • When only the self serving few are marching in the streets and spouting their position and the silent majority does nothing then the worst case outcome is likely to happen. It is good to see those more rational are making their voices hear and shining a spot light on those with a self serving agenda or attempts to deflect attention on the real issues their program faces. Again, why are un_ supporters on this BISON MEDIA BLOG?

        • Exactly to cover up the deep rooted racism that the university has allowed for decades.

          Don’t forget to attend today’s March and protest of UND. The culture of hate continues while the university is absent in affecting meaningful change! just a few examples—Faculty and staff still wear the offensive clothing while actually working. Their sports blog still references the offensive name….the list of offenses goes on and on. If UND wanted change they would demand people stop with the Sioux references and they would set the example.

          Join the mach/protest lets make this UND protest a national event! other students from other universities join in and stop hate!

  11. In my opinion, I don’t think this was a story either and I didn’t think it deserved to be the first story on the news yesterday. It seems like every couple months, somebody in the media will write a story and then it triggers fans getting riled up. I got to a point yesterday that I didn’t even care what people said. I don’t ever see this game happening unless they get into the same conference or if the NCAA allows 12 games every year. I did have a thought yesterday that I wonder if NDSU is talking about going FBS behind the scenes the way they were negotiating the contract. Dom – overall I think you do a good job and enjoy reading this blog and watching the video blogs. I just believed this was something to get the fans going and it was not really a story.

  12. Why hasn’t there been a return article/blog post from Kolpack or Izzo? Schlossman and Nelson’s versions are so full of holes and completely biased.

    Clearly there is a total lack of research and personal interviews that it screams of a personal agenda.

    Lets get the whole story since Faison was hired and started his media blitz instead of calling Taylor first. There’s way more to the story than just a couple of emails and the “journalists” up north know that as well. Phone calls and the like have been made between the two ADs in the past few years. Lets get the two on record as to what has been completely discussed.

    There has been a handful of contract offers from Taylor since Faison took over up north. To my knowledge everyone has been rejected by Faison. It was just a short time ago when he demanded an annual game and refused an every other year offer. If Faison would’ve accepted the first offer the game would’ve already been played at least twice.

    Lets get the whole story Jeff/Dom/Eric not just the propaganda coming from down river.

    • if there is going to be articles on this, it should be of the in-depth, heavily citationed, heavily linked long form peice, not another useless drive by article.

    • I agree just because there were a few emails that “didn’t get returned” as the article puts it doesn’t mean there weren’t conversations that eliminated the first round of negotiations.

  13. I am an NDSU alum and big fan. My only disappointment from both schools is that in the interviews I have heard when the ADs talk about this issue, they never at least acknowledge or address the issue of “what is best for the state of ND.” I find that disheartening. They can say “right now we are going to do what is best for us” but at least talk about the game in terms of how much people across the state enjoy it. I grew up in NW north Dakota and I remember watching ndsu/und twice a year in basketball and once a year in football. I enjoyed watching it and at least put UND and NDSU on my radar when it came time to pick a college. For me personally, I don’t care if they play in any sports. I love the football games against the FBS. I would like to see 2 of them some years. And I love home playoff games. Dom, keep doing what you are doing. You provide tremendous NDSU coverage.

  14. Dom, why dont you do a forward looking news reporting ..for example how NDSU can raise $$ and switch to FBS …those type of discussion rather than a backward looking news reporting …a game with UND thats not of much help to Bison unless the program can generate $$$

    • Because the ADs actually HAVE been discussing playing the game. The only discussion about FBS is amongst fans who think NDSU football runs everything and will never lose another game.

      One thing is happening-discussion between ADs towards playing the UND-NDSU game.

      One thing is not happening-NDSU people seriously moving towards FBS.

      • After 11 championship in 45 years of eligibility, I think its pretty reasonable for NDSU fans to expect further stacks of championships.

        The team is absolutely loaded at almost every position. The school has had the #1 recruiting class in the division three years running. If wentz is half the player he is advertised to be and some depth can be found on the d-line, they could be historically elite again.

        • NDSU should be in the mix for FCS titles regularly, no question there. However, the run of the last couple years isn’t something that’s going to be replicated every year. Last year especially was a once in a program type of team. Eventually there is going to come a year where NDSU might lose 3 or 4 games or might fall in the early rounds of the playoffs. Or there might be a couple down years ala 2008-09. That’s why you can’t tie the football program success into jumping to FBS. What happens after a couple 2-3 loss seasons or years that don’t end with national titles? Going FBS is more about geography, funding and finding a conference than it will ever be about games won on the field.

    • Use that thought process for a Big Ten team that doesn’t want to play a lower FCS program also? Or is this just an analogy that fits with the NDSU and UND game?

  15. This UND beating you in everything is false. The men’s CC team perfect scored UND at their home meet. Also the womes team easily won, and our track teams beat und every week. Just wanted to clarify that.

  16. I don’t want to see the Bison play the No Names in any sport ever, unless it is the post season, but that would require the No Names to actually make the post season, and women’s basketball doesn’t count.

    • So you’d rather all other Bison sports teams play more games against Jamestown, Mayville and Crookston?

      And lemme guess….women’s basketball only counts when NDSU gets good again.

      • please present more false choices.

        I’d rather see NDSU play more against it’s peers, Montana, Delaware, JMU, Nova, etc.

      • Reality, UND’s women’s basketball program is very good and has been that way for many years. They are way ahead of the Bison women right now. UND has turned their volleyball team around while the Bison have fallen on hard times. I have no problem giving the Sioux credit where it is due. They have one of the top 2 or 3 Hockey programs in the history of college Hockey. I’ll say that but how many Sioux fans will say that stuff about NDSU’s men’s basketball program after what they did this year in the NCAA tourney? Plus they made it to the tourney in 2009 which was their 1st chance to get there. How about the men’s and women’s track teams? The Women’s softball program? How about Bison wrestling? How about the women’s soccer teams success? Finally . . . how about that Bison football team in the 5 years they have been eligible for the playoffs in FCS they have been to the quarterfinals, and won three straight titles along with how many FBS and BCS wins? I have never heard one good thing from a UND fan about that. So Reality here you go you want the teams to play and you have badmouthed NDSU fans for not giving the Sioux their due so here and now I have given the Sioux the respect they deserve. So tell me what do you think of what the Bison have accomplished since the move to D-I?

  17. This whole mess is UND’s fault. They ended the series and Gene did offer to play them in Fargo. Really, there is no reason to play them, none what so ever. We need play other teams around the country in preparation for the playoff and another title run. UND can sit there and wallow in their mediocrity.

  18. Dom you do a fantastic job and I appreciate it. As do 99% of people who follow the Bison. Jeff Kolpack does a great job too. Thanks again!

  19. let us be grateful, that dom and jeff don’t delete comments like that that coward Schlossman up north. Any negative criticism = GONE

  20. NDSU softball beats a BCS team. Just like the basketball team (twice) and Football team this year! What an amazing year for bison athletes. We can compete with FBS so why are we stuck in the summit!!

    • 1. Not nearly enough money to move up.

      2. No fit, geographically or from a media market standpoint, for a conference that’s worthwhile to move up for.

      Until you realize those two things matter more than ANY game results, you’ll be left to wonder.

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