The list of athletic director candidates.

The latest list of applicants for the NDSU athletic director position. The University only released names, so latest position is a result of a quick web search and cannot be confirmed with 100 percent certainty. More on the timeline and search committee duties in Tuesday’s Forum.

  • Rick Hartzell, former athletic director, Northern Iowa
  • Craig Angelos, senior associate athletic director, South Florida
  • Christopher Rogers, associate athletic director, South Carolina
  • Jeff Tingey, athletic director, Idaho State
  • Eric Buskirk, senior associate athletic director, UC Riverside
  • Daron Montgomery, athletic director, Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Kevin Buisman, athletic director, Minnesota State Mankato
  • Tim Mooney, associate athletic director, Idaho
  • David Crum, senior associate athletic director, Colorado State
  • Alex Kringen, senior director of development, Kansas State
  • Steve Becvar, associate athletic director, University of San Diego
  • Sean Johnson, athletic director Angelo State (Texas)
  • Stephen Watson, athletic director, St. Bonaventure
  • Jack Maughan, senior associate athletic director, NDSU
  • Troy Goergen, senior associate athletic director, NDSU
  • Chris Walker, associate athletic director, Washington State
  • Steve Smith, athletic director, Bay Path College
  • Kevin Hurley, senior associate athletic director, Texas A&M
  • Matthew Larsen, senior associate athletic director, Stony Brook (N.Y.)
  • Robert Clifford, senior associate athletic director, Oregon State


20 thoughts on “The list of athletic director candidates.

  1. I think that is a pretty good list. Some senior associate ADs at some major universities.

  2. David Crum is at Colorado State, Minnesota was the job before that. Gotta be a front runner! great fundraising person!

  3. So who’s guy will win out? Will it be Dom’s guy from Stoney Brook or Dr. Bresciani’s guy from A&M?

  4. My money is on Crum or Goergon but I have nothing to go on other than a gut feeling

  5. So if Gene Taylor went up to get experience, why are the big time ones willing to come down? Just curious.

    Looks like a solid group of candidates from across the country.

    • The candidates from bug schools are assistants, looking to land a head job.

      It’s very difficult to land the head job at a big school, especially without a proven track record in a head job elsewhere.

  6. I believe Crum is at Colorado St. now. I think he left Minnesota in 2012 for CSU. A GF native and a Concordia grad. Interesting to see if he’s a serious candidate.

  7. Who can bring NDSU the most money? I am guessing Kevin Hurley would and also guessing he gets the job.

  8. Director of facilities to athletic director seems to be a pretty big jump. He doesn’t have a lot of the Sr titles but is well rounded

  9. NDSU’s facilities will be among the best at the FCS level for all sports when the BSA project is done.

    Still, you can’t get away from the fact that it should not take 10 years to raise $30 million at a school that gets on ESPN all the time. Gene gets some of the blame for this, but he was an administrator. The big downfall is at the Foundation, whose job it is to go out and shake $$ loose from donors.

    The new AD needs to be a proven fundraiser, if there isn’t anybody else on campus who is qualified to do that.

  10. A number of you express a lot of knowledge about the specific strengths and weaknesses of these candidates who are currently “Sr. Associate Assistant Vice President of Football Purchasing at the University of Southeast Somewhere” (sorry I got a bit carried away, HA!). I’ll get serious. I’m curious as to how pedestrian fans know so much about some of these men. Knowledge about coaches I understand, they are much more out front, high profile individuals. However, where does the knowledge come from about second level administrators. I’m not questioning what you know, just how you know it.

  11. I want a guy who has a vision to take basketball to the next level and to get ndsu into a 35k seat dome in the next 10 to 15 years. I want a guy who will raise the athletic budget so we can compete for the inevitable move to fbs. Having a big picture mentality is huge with no preconceived notions about not being big enough. I want games on FSN north, not just football but basketball. Vision. Plan. Execution

  12. Well Gabe 2011 you may need to put your billfold before your vision and set forth a good example.

  13. Does Samuel ever get excited. I think the list is impressive, only 20 names but all are legit. A lot of high major schools Assistant AD’s want to come to NDSU. A lot of good possibilities.

  14. Associate or Senior associate athletic directors from South Florida, South Carolina, Colorado State, Texas A&M, Oregon State. Oh yeah, that’s a real shabby list.

  15. As long as we don’t stub our toe on someone like Brian Faison we should be ok. I thnk a proven fund raiser is a top priority because the program needs to grow.

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