The Return

The summer vacation was needed and brief and now the countdown to the start of a new football season can really begin. We’re still trying to get as much info as we can on the search for a new athletic director at NDSU, but not much is coming out now. Gene Taylor is here in Fargo until the end of July, and the goal all along that Dean Bresciani had was to have a new AD in place by the time the new athletic year begins, which is the middle to end of August; we’ll keep you updated.

Last week, the Sports Network unveiled its preseason All-Americans for 2014, NDSU did not get a player on the first team, while Colten Heagle made 2nd team with Carlton Littlejohn and Christian Dudzik were selected to the 3rd team. I know these lists are put out at this time of year just to make for debate, so I’ll indulge for a second, how in the world Kyle Emanuel and Zach Vraa were left off any of these teams is a mystery to me.

Kyle Emanuel was left off Sports Network’s Preseason All-American Lists, despite 47 tackles and 7.5 sacks in 2013.

Emanuel’s stats were terrific, 47 tackles, 10 for loss, racking up 7.5 sacks, he’s been a defensive force since his redshirt freshman season (look up 2011 game vs UNI). Vraa had a record setting season for the Bison last year, 67 receptions, 1,191 yards and 15 TDs, he became a threat that required double-teams thru the 2nd half of the season and will command that again at the start of this season. We’ll see how the rankings stand at the end of the year.

If you need a football fix, this Sunday is the North Dakota Shrine Bowl at the Fargodome, WDAY will be televising the game for the first time, you can watch LIVE on our alternate channel 6-3 or 8-3 in Grand Forks, or you can watch online at All six of NDSU’s incoming freshmen are playing in this game (Eric Bachmeier, Stanley Jones, Levi Jordheim, Levi Hoiby, Tanner Volson and Luke Bacon) for many this will be your first look at these guys before they arrive at camp in early August.

One last note, since our Top 10 moments was such a hit, we have another video segment starting next week that I think people will really enjoy before the start of football season, but I don’t need to remind everyone to check the blog out daily for that. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, we are 54 days away from the start of the season, Iowa State will be debuting a new look helmet for NDSU and Fox Sports 1 on August 30th:


32 thoughts on “The Return

  1. we should have at least 4 or 5 guys on the first team
    I hope it brings more fuel to the fire and they kick ass this year !!!

  2. I certainly hope Bresciani hires from within to keep things running smoothly! After all the recent success of the athletic programs, Lynn Dorn should get the promotion. If not, it will prove sexism is alive and well at NDSU.

    • You are really going to bring sexism into this if Dorn doesn’t get the job? Remember, she hired DeHoff and we see how that worked out. Not hiring her has NOTHING to do with sexism. We will get someone that has the best credentials for the job! I am sure GT already had some input on potential candidates.

    • you are kidding. Lynn Dorn was the head of the biggest Woman’s Basketball collapse in NDSU history. To hire Lynn Dorn wouldn’t prove NDSU is not sexist…it would prove they are foolish.

    • My only advice to you is… Just say no to Drugs! Dorn should have sheet-canned many yrs ago. I wish someone would *cough* hire her away.. but unfortently, no school is that dumb.

    • Not sure if trolling but not really. NDSU’s best choice is to hire externally with this position

    • GT was not hired from within. Dorn has done very little to the athletic programs to earn a promotion. Take the time to find someone who comes close to mirroring GT. We are bound to have quite a few highly-qualified candidates.

      • Didn’t Dorn get suspended for making a sexist remark to an athlete? Or was that someone else I am thinking of? I would think that right there would DQ her!

  3. Dom, has the AD job opening been posted yet? What is the deadline for applications? That should give a clue as to when the AD position may be filled.

  4. Reading elsewhere, a good question was raised, what does the current list of applicants look like? You guys were quick to post about hirings at other schools, keep us informed about what is going on here. We should start to see a couple open requests per week to see what the pool of candidates is shaping up to look like.

  5. Don’t forget John Crockett on the list of snubs but yes KE and ZV were big snubs.

  6. When you look at the preseason lists, how is a David Johnson and Crockett left off? WOW, it sure loses credibility without Johnson and Crocket. Johnson is a huge miss who will be a top 3 rounder when he comes out.

  7. Bison have any number of 1st team candidates which will be confirmed as the next season progresses. The heard lost some very key players but have more coming back that any other top tear FCS team. I just hope the new AD doesn’t play tit-for-tat with the UND administration and work to get one of the nation’s greatest rivalry back on track.

    • why, so we can have a meaningless football game to go with the meaningless basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball matches?

      NDSU should be playing mid majors and money games, no need for a home and home with a program of UND’s modest stature.

  8. All preseason stuff just goes to show the media feels there will be a big drop off this year. Well they will be the ones shaking their heads at the end of the year. I’m ok with us playing chip on our shoulders. Normally they would be right when you have the turnover of players and coaches but you just enough seniors in key positions and the players know what to expect from the coaches the transition will be seamless.

  9. The uni guy has a great candidate. Don’t think only football. Think Missouri Valley Conference which is the ideal ndsu conference. He has connections. At 60 he’s only got 1 more career job left in him

  10. I’m don’t think Dorn is the right hire but you have to give credit where credit is due. Sure, basketball has been a disappointment and the Dehoff hire was a bad one. But, she has overseen some amazing success as the women’t AD. Since going DI, women’s athletics has accounted for 26 conference titles and 6 conference tournament titles. To compare, men’s athletics has 18 conference titles and 6 conference tournament titles. So don’t let anyone tell you that Bison women’s sports havn’t been successfull in DI.

  11. 10 years of NDSU football success = no und

    Coincidence? Ah YES!! They drag us down.

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